Leading from the Pulpit

Episode 017

October 28, 2021 • Jeff Lynn, Tony Wolfe

The pulpit is not a tool to use for your agenda. However, it is the one place that the pastor stands in front of his people every week to shepherd them – to guide them – directionally. Today, Tony and Jeff talk through pastoral preaching in regard to tone and direction, illustration, application, and celebration.

I Thank My God

November 25, 2021 • Nathan Lorick, Tony Wolfe, Jeff Lynn

Dr. Nathan Lorick joins the podcast for this special episode, giving thanks to God for the many ways he has been gracious to us at the SBTC.

Leveraging Appropriate Relational Influence

November 11, 2021 • Jeff Lynn, Tony Wolfe

How do leaders lead? Influence. Jeff and Tony talk through four areas of appropriate relational influence for the church leader, whether vocational or volunteer: be present, be engaged, be invested, and be enthusiastic.

Praying Churches are Powerful Churches

October 14, 2021 • Jeff Lynn, Tony Wolfe, Kie Bowman

Doesn’t prayer indicate both our desire and need for the glory and power of God in our churches? In this episode Tony and Jeff will share the conviction that “praying churches are powerful churches,” and how you can create and nurture a culture of prayer.