January 7, 2021 • Tony Wolfe & Jeff Lynn

Welcome the Church Health and Leadership Podcast where we believe that God is actively working in and through the local church today to advance the Great Commission. Tony Wolfe and Jeff Lynn are our hosts, leading relevant discussions related to church leadership, church ministry, and church life. This podcast is created by the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention and is provided through Cooperative Program giving.

Practical Tools for Devotional Rhythms

February 25, 2021 • Tony Wolfe & Jeff Lynn

Personal devotional rhythms help Christ followers live from overflow. Today, Tony and Jeff show us how, and suggest some practical tools for listeners.

Five Principles of Church Health

February 11, 2021 • Tony Wolfe & Jeff Lynn

A healthy church embodies Christ's character, heralds Christ's message, multiplies Christ's disciples, advances Christ's mission and displays Christ's glory. Is your church a healthy church?

Leadership Principles Coming Out of COVID

January 28, 2021 • Tony Wolfe & Jeff Lynn

Leaders lead; it's what they do. Tony and Jeff walk through 8 principles of leadership that the COVID19 crisis has brought to the surface in local church leadership.