Prepare To Possess

March 13, 2019 • Chris Papazis

After 400 years of waiting, the children of Israel have crossed the Jordan river and are finally ready to possess their promised land. Well...not quite. There is still one more critical step that needs to be taken for them to be fully prepared to possess all that God has for them. This study will help us prepare our hearts as we get ready to possess our land.

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-After 400 years from the promise given to Abraham -After generations of slavery -After 40 years wandering in the desert -After getting the command to go in -After the spies come back -After crossing the Jordan River -After renewing the covenant at Gilgal with circumcision and the Passover -After Joshua meets the Captain of the LORD's host Now finally, there was only one thing left to do to begin to possess their promised land. Execute the LORD's battleplan and Paint The Target!