What's Your Brand

July 2017


July 23, 2017 • July 23, 2017 • Marlin Breard

Who do you run with?

July 16, 2017 • July 16, 2017 • Pastor Chris

It's All In Your Head

July 9, 2017 • July 9, 2017 • Pastor Chris

Someone once said that every sin we commit, we commit twice. We commit sin once in our thoughts, and then again when we act upon those thoughts. This week Pastor Chris unpacks "the power of our thoughts", and offers some practical insight to help us better control our thoughts in order to keep our brand in line with what we intend to represent.

What's In a Name

July 2, 2017 • July 2, 2017 • Pastor Chris

This week Pastor Chris challenges us with a question that every person should ask themselves, and other around them.