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Retro Church is based in Henry County, GA. Our goal is to be a church "re-defined," one which seeks to bring a timeless message to a changing world. We will strive to foster an environment in which people can worship Jesus for who He is, without being confined and chained to philosophy, tradition or anything else that seeks to take our focus from the One it belongs to. We believe the Bible to be the authoritative, inerrant word of God, as it is God's revelation of Himself to mankind. Regardless of your background, whether it be no church, some church or a lot of church, and regardless of what denomination, know that at Retro Church you will be welcomed and accepted as we strive to put the focus on God, where it belongs, rather than on mankind. Three primary things will guide the focus, vision and all that we do at Retro Church: 1. Love God 2. Love People 3. Serve the world. We believe that our primary focus in life, as revealed to us in God's Word, should be to love our creator and to worship Him, to love others, and to serve people.