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L.A. Marzulli - Politics Prophecy and the Supernatural Watch our daily video and blog posts discussing current world events and how they relate to the Biblical prophetic narrative. We discuss end times events, political situation and more. We also investigate archaeological findings IN PERSON! That's right, we go there and we get hands on. Follow us to Peru, where we look in to strange beings that may be remnants of the nephilim that once roamed the earth. We investigate findings that may be the results of Noah's flood and structures left behind by what may be the ancient nephilim race, as a result of the fallen angels mixing with the daughters of men. Giants, archaeology, megalithic structures, prophecy, politics...We cover it all. We also cover topics that often go uncovered by the main stream media. Topics like UFO's. We go and we interview them. We have go so far as to remove and examine what people are calling "alien implants." Where do these things come from and how do they fit into the Bible? These are all topics that we cover and do extensive investigation in to. Join us on our seemingly never ending quest to discover the truth. We are On The Trail!