Who Will You Be This Christmas?

December 4, 2016 • Pastor Troy Gramling

Many parallels can be drawn between the characters in the story of How The Grinch Stole Christmas and the story of the very first Christmas. Some of us might identify most with the character of the grouchy Grinch, while others of us might identify more with the busy Whos, and yet others of us may identify with other characters. The Christmas season is a time to slow down and focus on Jesus and to serve God and others. We all chose how we will act at this busy time of year—who will you choose to be this Christmas?

Mission Impossible

December 25, 2016 • Pastor Troy Gramling

The Christmas season is a season of joy and celebration, but so many times we feel alone and burdened by life. The good news is that the very reason Christmas exists is because it is a celebration that God sent His Son, Jesus, to rescue you from the troubles and problems that we so often face. This Christmas, understand the true meaning of Christmas, and the rescue mission that God Himself orchestrated for YOU!

If Not Me, Then Who?

December 18, 2016 • Pastor Troy Gramling

Christmas is a season of giving, of being reminded how truly blessed we are, and to give back to the Lord what He has blessed us with. God challenges each one of us to give willingly and with a cheerful heart and spirit, and to give because Christ lives inside of you. Pastor Troy Gramling dissects the way in which God calls us to give, with joy and in faith!

Missing Christmas

November 27, 2016 • Pastor Brian Vasil

Doubt is common, we doubt one another, we question circumstances, and we even doubt God sometimes. If we are honest, most likely every single one of us has doubted God on more than one occasion in our lives. What do we do with the doubts we have had—or may have—about God? Pastor Brian Vasil tackles the issue of doubt, where it comes from, and what we can do to navigate through and overcome the doubt we have in our lives. How do we move from a life filled with doubt, to a life filled with faith?