Sermons from Pastor Allen Jackson

God's Power to Overcome Evil

Aired March 14th & 19th, 2021 • Allen Jackson

The Bible says the spiritual world gave rise to the physical world, and this is still true today. As we cooperate with God, His power will be made evident in and through us, affecting the physical world around us. In this sermon, Pastor Allen discusses the supernatural realm, highlighting the miraculous things Jesus did during his time on earth, and how Christians have access to the same power. He encourages us to ponder the invisible versus the visible; the spiritual versus the physical; and time versus eternity. He offers Colossians 1:10-17 as a pathway forward with the Lord, then leads us in communion.

When Storms Come

Aired March 17th & 18th, 2021 • Allen Jackson

The Bible tells us we will have troubles, but when we find ourselves in difficult times, what do we do? In this sermon, Pastor Allen Jackson discusses a variety of challenges—physical, emotional, relational, and political—the heroes in the Bible encountered, revealing a common theme: In the midst of their struggles, they consistently prayed. He discusses the importance of prayer, and how if we create a habit of praying, calling upon the Lord will be our natural reaction to hardship. The sermon includes practical action steps for navigating life’s storms, including ways to deepen your prayer life.

God's Kingdom & Power

Aired March 15th & 16th, 2021 • Allen Jackson

The Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk, but of power. In this sermon, Pastor Allen Jackson shows how God revealed His power through the life of Paul. Paul went from being a bitter, angry, violent man, to a person so committed to spreading the Gospel, he was willing to endure beatings, shipwrecks, and imprisonment. As we study Paul’s life, we see miracles, healings, restoration, and a constant theme of supernatural intervention. As believers, we have access to this same power. The sermon provides specific ways to align ourselves with God, so His power can be revealed through our lives.

Survival Essentials; The King

Aired March 7th & 12th, 2021 • Allen Jackson

We’ve been assigned an important role, and we must not be afraid to speak God’s Truth into our generation. In this sermon, Pastor Allen Jackson discusses the Kingdom of God, and the King who rules over it. He shows how Jesus’ mission wasn’t to follow religious traditions or the government, but to follow God’s leading to accomplish His plans. Jesus’ ministry, His healings, and His miracles posed a threat to the established power structure—He had a power they couldn’t replicate. We should expect our efforts to face similar opposition, as we follow our assignment to shine light on activities and traditions that go against God’s Word.

We Will Not Stop: Caleb

Aired March 8th & 9th, 2021 • Allen Jackson

We don’t want to circle the Wilderness because we lack courage to follow God. In this sermon, Pastor Allen Jackson discusses the character of Caleb, who God selected to be one of two people to lead the Israelites into the Promised Land. In Hebrew, the name “Caleb” means dog, and Pastor Allen offers relatable and helpful insights by comparing Caleb’s unwavering heart towards God, to the steadfast dedication of a good dog with his master. Caleb followed the Lord with his whole heart, in the midst of a rebellious people, and God calls us to do the same.

We Will Not Stop: Joshua

Aired March 10th & 11th, 2021 • Allen Jackson

In difficult times, we don’t want to lose our faith, but strengthen it. In this sermon, Pastor Allen encourages us with the motto, “We Will Not Stop!” He tells us to continue to follow God, repent, and draw close to Him for strength and wisdom. He discusses Joshua, one of the two individuals appointed to lead the Hebrew people into the Promised Land. God told Joshua to be strong and courageous, and to set aside fear and discouragement, as he lived out God’s plan for his life. As we do the same, God will provide all we need for the mission ahead.

Prayer Warriors

Aired on March 3rd & 4th • Allen Jackson

There is nothing you can do that’s more powerful than prayer. In this sermon, Pastor Allen Jackson discusses prayer, and the importance of cultivating a meaningful prayer life. Prayer has transformation potential far beyond our strength, intellect, and financial resources. Daniel’s dedication to following God, and his devotion to prayer, changed the destiny of empires. Our prayers, and our changed hearts, will lead to God’s best for our lives, and our generation.

Powerful Moments; Compilation No. 2

Aired February 28th & March 5th, 2021 • Allen Jackson

This is a special broadcast created from multiple powerful moments from multiple messages. Pastor Allen Jackson sits down and pull some specific moments that he believes are important for the leadership of the Church. Not a talk for the people on stage with a microphone, but for the congregation of Christ-Followers that lead our culture today. We are the Church, and we must use our voice and be heard.

Survival Essentials; Directions for Baptism

Aired February 24th & 25th, 2021 • Allen Jackson

The Bible discusses three types of baptisms: John’s baptism, Christian baptism, and Spirit baptism. In this sermon, Pastor Allen Jackson discusses each kind, and their unique characteristics, requirements, purposes, and benefits. The sermon answers questions like: Why was Jesus baptized? Why should I be baptized? What is Spirit baptism? What is prayer language? Is speaking in tongues required for salvation? Why should we want to be baptized in the Spirit?

Survival Essentials

Aired February 22nd & 23rd, 2021 • Allen Jackson

For our faith to survive and thrive, we need to know some foundational truths. In this sermon, Pastor Allen Jackson discusses salvation, contrasting commonly held beliefs with what the Bible actually teaches. He provides answers to popular questions including: What is salvation? What do I need to do to be saved? Is salvation based on grace or works? What is Jesus’ role in salvation? Is saying the sinner’s prayer enough? How do we respond to salvation? If you’re ready to ask Jesus to be the Lord of your life, or to recommit your life to Him, Pastor Allen will lead you through a proclamation of faith.

Do Not Be Deceived; Ways To Protect Yourself

Aired on February 21st & 26th

As lies, censorship, and propaganda surrounds us, it takes effort to identify Truth. In this sermon, Pastor Allen Jackson offers seven ways to protect yourself from deception, such as cultivating humility, basing everything on the Scriptures, being wary of fantasy, and keeping your faith simple and plain. He also identifies several attitudes and behaviors that make us vulnerable to deceit and false prophecy, including having a limited awareness of Scripture. Pastor Allen’s points create "guardrails" that will help us distinguish Truth from deception.

Do Not be Deceived

Aired on February 17th & 18th, 2021 • Allen Jackson

We are walking through a time of dramatic deception, and we need to know how to recognize it because we are all vulnerable. Pastor Allen Jackson names three key coordinates we can use to discern whether something is true or false: If it aligns with Jesus, the Word of God, and the Holy Spirit, it’s truth! He talks about the fallacies of liberation theology, new age philosophies, false prophecy, the use of occult practices like seances and ouiji boards to predict the future, and other destructive movements that are prevalent in today’s culture. God’s Truth is the anecdote to deception, and with Jesus, we can not only be delivered from it, but be redeemed!

Heart Health

Aired on February 15th & 16th, 2021 • Allen Jackson

God has called us to a new place, with new leaders, and a new administration. Forgiving is necessary to move forward in our assignments. Pastor Allen Jackson leads us through a prayer of forgiveness, then focuses on the condition of our hearts, and our spiritual health. He teaches us how to recognize the Holy Spirit’s leading, versus our own thinking, and why it’s important to fully commit to God and His purposes in the season ahead. The sermon also includes a discussion of the first and second Great Awakenings in America, and how they influenced history. God is raising up a new generation of leaders. Let the awakening continue!

What is Ahead?

Aired February 8th & 9th • Allen Jackson

There’s overwhelming evidence, much of it provided by Jesus Himself, that before He returns, there will be increasing intolerance of His story, His people, and His name. Pastor Allen Jackson tells us to not be shocked or surprised by the darkness, but instead be full of anticipation--our King is coming! He highlights several biblical prophecies that discuss the signs of the end of this age. If we know what to expect, we will be more prepared for what's to come.

Read the Signs

Aired February 7th & 12th • Allen Jackson

Familiarizing ourselves with biblical prophecy, and the events leading up to Jesus’ return, will help prepare us for opposition in the season ahead. In this sermon, Pastor Allen Jackson discusses several passages in Matthew where Jesus foretold specific difficult events His disciples should expect, including His death. Despite these prophetic messages, the disciples were surprised and in despair when they came to pass. Pastor Allen encourages us to be familiar with the prophecies surrounding Jesus’ return. By diligently studying the Scriptures, God will prepare our hearts to stay aware, encouraged, and focused on our assignment.

A Double-Edged Sword

Aired February 10th & 11th • Allen Jackson

In 2 Timothy 3:12-17, the Apostle Paul says Scripture provides wisdom, and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness. In this sermon, Pastor Allen Jackson offers a sweeping overview of the entire Bible. He breaks the Bible down into twelve points on a timeline, spanning from Creation to Jesus’ return. By placing individual events and characters along this timeline as we read our Bibles, we'll gain a fresh perspective and deeper understanding.

Inauguration Day

Allen Jackson

On Inauguration Day, Pastor Allen Jackson encourages us to pray for those in authority. Our president and administration have changed, but our assignment remains the same. Pastor Allen encourages us to stand together and pray for righteousness to prevail over our nation. As we persevere and continue to give thanks to the Lord, we will become stronger and more effective in carrying God’s word throughout the world.

Understanding Our Present Time

Aired on February 3rd & 4th of 2021 • Allen Jackson

To know where we’re going, we need to understand our present location. There is COVID-19, violence, censorship, lawlessness, blatant sexual immorality, and our Christian world views and values are mocked publicly. What do we do? In this sermon, Pastor Allen Jackson encourages us to look to Scripture for direction. He highlights several heroes from the New Testament, and identifies consistent patterns and themes in their lives. Jesus recruited young people; He invited His disciples to a new kind of life; He asked them to “leave behind” many things; They were persecuted. God was at work during the many hardships and struggles our heroes endured, and He is working today. Their stories will encourage and equip us, as we continue to follow Him.

The Shaking Continues

Aired on January 31st & February 5th of 2021 • Allen Jackson

Everything under the sun can be shaken: our lives, our health, our governments, our institutions, and our circumstances. But God’s Kingdom stands firm. In this sermon, Pastor Allen Jackson describes the dramatic events that will accompany the Lord’s return, then provides insight on how to prepare, so we can anticipate that day with hope and joy instead of fear. The more we focus on Jesus, and the assignment He has given us to be salt and light to our hurting world, the more stable we will be in the times to come.

The Strong Man's House

Aired on February 1st & 2nd of 2021 • Allen Jackson

We are witnessing a unique time in history, and the question remains: Are we going to be spectators or participants? The changes in the world seem sudden, but in reality, they have been happening at a steady pace, while the Church has been asleep. Pastor Allen Jackson reminds us to watch, listen, think, act and pray without ceasing. He offers encouragement and Scripture to help prevent weariness and losing hope. God is our deliverer, and He promises to provide the strength, knowledge, and perseverance we need to complete the course ahead.

A Year of Revelation: Listening and Overcoming

Aired on January 27th & 28th of 2021 • Allen Jackson

God’s revelations often come with dynamic, significant change, and are filled with opportunity. We need to position ourselves to receive them! In this sermon, Pastor Allen Jackson discusses the revelations God gave to Daniel and John. He highlights aspects of each of their characters, and how their choices and attitudes helped align their hearts to hear from God. Pastor Allen also talks about habits we can implement in our own lives, so we can better listen to God, and follow Him into the days ahead.