Past Series

Rules for the Road

Whether it’s in the car, or just in life, we want to help you navigate the ups and downs and get where you want to go. You’re gonna need some rules for the road.

Frustrated With God

We all face times when it feels like God is far away, busy or late.

Living Legacy

There are attributes of character that everyone values in the lives of people around them. You want these attributes in the people you decide to spend your life with, go into business with, and so on. In the Bible, these common attributes are called “the Fruit of the Spirit,” that is, these qualitie

Mother's Day - 2022

Easter - 2022

Easter is the Greatest day of the year; we celebrate the most important event in all history! This message explores the two main questions that stick out: Did it happen? Does it matter?

Good Friday - 2022

The cross was not only painful but humiliating: you were stripped bare, lifted high and totally humiliated in your death. The fact that the Almighty God Word endure this for us is mind boggling. How should the concept of a “humble God” shape our lives?

In Rhythm

When things get too loud in life, sometimes we lose the beat. Life feels better when you're in rhythm.


A look at the final book of the Bible, John's apocalypse.

Staying in Love

Falling in love is easy, staying in love is hard.

Higher Wisdom

This is the time of year we are making resolutions and hopefully changes for the better. Wisdom – or a lack thereof - stands behind all of our choices and decisions. So, how do we gain more wisdom? How do we get better at life?

The Practice of Hospitality

No More Excuses

Christmas Eve 2021


Village of Hope: Malawi - 2021


Walking in the Way of Jesus

There's No Place Like Church

The only thing that Jesus ever built was the church. The church is God's agency in society that stewards the ultimate message of hope in Jesus. The resulting community can be inspirational and unstoppable!

Anxious for Nothing

You weren’t created to exist in a constant state of anxiety. It drains your joy and leaves you stressed, burned out, and exhausted. Your purpose isn’t living in fear. Step boldly into the peace you’ll find when you’re Anxious for Nothing.

The Art of Living Well

An Interview Series with Dr. Todd Sellick


Making the most of things... right where you're at.


The start of the Bible, Genesis 1-11 is all about life - where is life found? Or rather, how do we live so that life makes sense? How are we meant to live in relation to: God, each other and our world?