Past Series

Life Interrupted

Your doctor says the results aren’t good. A close relationship suddenly becomes strained and you’re not sure why. Your company is outsourcing jobs and you get a call to the boss’ office. We all face interruptions in life, both large and small. How do you deal with them?


How do we grow spiritually? How do we get to the point of completely trusting God with every facet of our lives?

Peaks & Valleys

The Bible never says that being a follower of Christ will be easy. Even in these unique seasons of ups and downs it does say that God is always with us, that no matter what we are going through God will guide our feet.

The Art of Living

with Dr. Todd Sellick

A Conversation on Mental Health

with Dr. Todd Sellick


It is easy for us to coast through the summer and ignore our relationship with God. We convince ourselves that we will pick up where we left off when summer comes to a close. How can we leave our summer break with a stronger relationship with God than we had before the break started?

No Ordinary Family

In an ordinary world, we can be part of something extraordinary.

Interview with Dr. Tim Elmore

part of the No Ordinary Family series

A Conversation About Race in Canada

with David A. Robertson


In this series, four members of the Oasis teaching team each explore one “heirloom" of our faith they received from their mom.

Smooth Criminals

These attitudes are smooth; you often don’t even know when you are falling victim to them. They are criminal; they will steal the joy and energy we were meant to have in the life God has planned for us.

Easter at Oasis

Died. Buried. Rose. Seen.

Good Friday at Oasis


We believe better is possible, but actually moving toward it can be challenging. Why is that? And is there a way to truly experience better?

Peace, Be Still

What are you worried about? What are you afraid of? What is that storm you are in the middle of? Jesus says, "Peace. Be still."

Uncertain Times

How do we stay hopeful in a world that is broken?

Gotta Serve Somebody

An idol is anything that is more fundamental than God to your happiness, identity or meaning in life. Obvious ones are: money, sex, beauty, power… but an idol can also be: dedication to family or children, your moral performance… all good things that can be made into the ultimate thing in your life.