Past Series

Village of Hope: Malawi - with Jef & Renatta Walton

A conversation with our missionary partners, Jef & Renatta Walton, directors of Village of Hope: Malawi.

Reaping What You Sow

He Gets Us

How did the story of a man who taught and practiced unconditional love become associated with hatred and oppression for so many people? This series explores the words of Jesus, who created a love movement that is still inspiring many people thousands of years later.

Easter - 2023

Good Friday - 2023

The opening book of the Bible, Genesis, was written thousands of years before Jesus walked the earth, yet still sheds so much light on what happened when Jesus went to the cross. This message explores how Jesus transformed the tree of death into a new tree of life.


We see our plans, our future hopes and dreams from the view in front of us. But what would happen if we began to see our lives through a different lens? What if we saw things from God's perspective?

Money Talks

If our money could actually talk, none of us would be shocked at the advice our money would give us. The shocking thing would be how that advice would parallel what Jesus said when he talked about money. This series explores some of Jesus’ wisdom on how we handle our financial resources.

The Thing About Relationships

The thing about relationships is...you are in the middle of one. Whether it's with your friends, your spouse, your kids or coworkers. And they can be complicated and sometimes uncomfortable. In this series let’s look to scripture for wisdom on how to redesign and even repair the way we interact with

Prayer: Seeking God with all Your Heart

What if God wanted to talk to you? What if you could hear Him speak to you and He heard everything you said? If we really believed that and lived according to this amazing idea it might change everything.

Gently Used

Christmas Eve - 2022