Past Series

Life Together

How would you define success? Most of us would consider an individual "successful" if they had a good job, a large portfolio, or a high income. Or maybe we would say a successful person is one who enjoys popularity or fame. But real success is found in the quality of your relationships.

More Than a Paycheque

"What do you do for a living?" It's usually the first question that follows an introduction. Work is important. For many of us, it is not only important, it is defining.

Overcoming Worry

Change of Plans

2020 has been the year that none of us expected, and none of us planned for! Whatever this next year

Christmas Eve at Oasis Church

Gifts to Give Yourself

Dealing with Covid-19 has been difficult for a number of reasons. However, there also are some unique opportunities in this season; many of us have more time for solitude, reading, calling old friends, learning new skills. This is a series about gifts to give yourself this holiday season!

Village of Hope: Malawi


Life Interrupted

Your doctor says the results aren’t good. A close relationship suddenly becomes strained and you’re not sure why. Your company is outsourcing jobs and you get a call to the boss’ office. We all face interruptions in life, both large and small. How do you deal with them?


How do we grow spiritually? How do we get to the point of completely trusting God with every facet of our lives?

Peaks & Valleys

The Bible never says that being a follower of Christ will be easy. Even in these unique seasons of ups and downs it does say that God is always with us, that no matter what we are going through God will guide our feet.

The Art of Living

with Dr. Todd Sellick

A Conversation on Mental Health

with Dr. Todd Sellick