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Kickoff Sunday

Together For The Next Generation

Real Talk

Less Fear, More Courage

Stuff Jesus Never Said

Nobody in history has been more misrepresented or misunderstood than Jesus. It's time to put to rest some of those sayings and sentiments that he didn't say. So in this message series, Stuff Jesus Never Said, we're going to break down the misconceptions of things people think Jesus said, like, "God

Come and Have Breakfast

I Can Relate

With the past year's challenges, maybe you've been doing your best just to hold it together on the outside. Yet, no matter how hard you try, sometimes things just don't go like you planned. That's why we are going through a series called "I Can Relate." We can all relate to life going differently th

Puppets, Coke Cans & Jars of Clay

What we carry around on the inside is going to be revealed on the outside. So, what are we filling our lives up with? When we fill up our lives with more strength, wisdom and security, it shows the world that our true hope is in Jesus. And even more so, we can withstand the pressures and hardships t

Easter 2021


To help us kick off this new ministry era together, we’re starting a new series on Sunday, January 31, called Restart. Not just because we’re restarting in-person gatherings, but because we could all use a restart after this past year both personally, relationally, spiritually, and as a church famil

Before You Cancel 2020...

A new year gives us a chance to celebrate. It also allows us to look back at 2020, a year unlike any other, and discern what lessons we learned. While the struggles of this unique season may not be over, we can still find a fresh start in the midst of it. We can't reverse all of the difficult things

Heroes of 2020

It Would Take a Miracle

At times, maybe you've felt like it would take a miracle to get you through 2020. It's been a uniquely challenging year, but through it all, God has remained in control, able to do what we can't do on our own. That gives us all the more reason to celebrate! So, in the weeks leading up to Christmas,

Soul Food

Challenges are happening all around us, but they're also happening inside us. So, following election season and leading up to Thanksgiving, we will spend some time diving into the pain, needs, and longing of our souls. That way, we can experience God's healing in every aspect of our lives. Join us t


How to Follow Jesus When Everything's Political

Now Is the Time

This moment is a critical time in our church history. God has not called us to do church but to be the church. Now is the time to no longer wait and see. God wants to do something remarkable in and through us right now! In this series, we’re going to look back at the very first words Jesus ever said

Repeat After Me

In the Bible, Jesus gave his followers the Lord's Prayer to repeat, no matter what situation we’re in. It's not meant to be a formula that we say without thinking, but is meant to give us a way to access God. Through the Lord’s Prayer, we identify God as our father, access the throne room, recognize

Weak Made Strong

So many of our choices are driven by our desire to gain strength and avoid weakness. We seek money, intelligence, popularity and power to secure our strength. However, strength and weakness aren’t always at the opposite end of the spectrum. Maybe we don’t have to secure our power, knowledge and reso

Be the Bridge

The New Normal

Since the Coronavirus outbreak, almost everything has changed. We are more physically isolated, financially stressed, relationally strained and emotionally exhausted than ever before. Which is why everyone is asking the question, “When will life just go back to normal?” Answer: not for a while and