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September 21, 2018

Topics: Parenting, Affairs, Confession, Borderline, Codependency, Separation, Divorce

Caller Questions: 1. How and when do I tell my kids that my brother’s death was suicide? 2. I cheated on my wife twice; should I confess? 3. Should I keep financially helping my borderline adult daughter? 4. I have been separated for 15mos and it’s not getting better; is it time to divorce?

September 20, 2018

Topics: Grief, Obsession, Getting Unstuck, Boundaries, Making Decisions

Caller Questions: 1. My ex-wife’s breast cancer has spread. How can I help our kids through her death? 2. I love attention; why am I so obsessed about what will be said at my funeral? 3. How can I move on after being divorced for ten years? 4. What boundaries should I use with an incarcerated lady who wants to move in with me? 5. I’m separated from my wife and need to move forward.

September 19, 2018

Topics: Affairs, Custody, Parenting, Teens, Forgiveness, Salvation, Christian Walk

Caller Questions: 1. How can I help my sister who had an affair with an old boss? 2. What can I do after my husband had me arrested for a psych evaluation? 3. How can I get my 14yo son to open up to me and his stepdad? 4. Can I still get right with God after all of the wrong I have done? 5. Is it OK for a Christian to dance to secular music?

September 18, 2018

Topics: Grief, Self Worth, Sexual Integrity, Depression, Affairs, Anxiety

Caller Questions: 1. My only sister doesn’t consider me part of her family; how do I heal from the hurt? 2. Shall I focus on my husband’s declining health or healing my heart from his lack of sexual integrity? 3. The school says my 11yo daughter is depressed, but I don’t see any signs. 4. Do I tell my sister-in-law that my brother is sleeping with my wife? 5. I have had trouble sleeping since I was 18yo; why doesn’t medication work?

September 17, 2018

Topics: Enabling, Adult Children, Hoarding, Depression, Emotional Abuse, Affair

Caller Questions: 1. Are we enabling my stepdaughter and her kids by having them live with us? 2. My younger brother is hoarding since his diagnosis of cancer; how do I help him? 3. I am in an emotionally abusive marriage to a pastor; will I be damaging the church if I leave? 4. My wife found out about my 3yr affair and wants to call it quits; shall I walk away?

September 14, 2018

Topics: Alcohol, Affairs, Divorce, Christian Walk, Sexual Integrity

Caller Questions: 1. My alcoholic friend takes kratom. Is that helpful or not? 2. How can I heal my broken marriage after I was unfaithful to my wife? 3. My pastor husband blames me for everything in our marriage and he won’t get help. 4. Is hiring an attorney for a divorce biblical? 5. My husband wants a threesome. How do I handle it?

September 13, 2018

Topics: Sexual Integrity, Masturbation, Divorce, Dating, Asperger’s

Caller Questions: 1. How do I fight my sexual urge? 2. I am divorced; how do I know if I am ready to start dating? 3. What can I do to support my 26yo brother who has Asperger’s?

September 12, 2018

Topics: Blended Families, Parenting, Autism, ADD, Empty Nester, Alcohol, Sexual Integrity, Physical

Caller Questions: 1. What response is appropriate for my rude stepchildren who don’t even respond to my hello? 2. Why would other parents call my 7yo son odd when he is brilliant but has ADD and autism? 3. I am disappointed in God because I am single, an empty nester, and feel alone. 4. Shall I divorce my alcoholic, violent wife who messages other men? 5. How do I help my 19yo autistic son who has difficulty feeling the presence of God?

September 11, 2018

Topics: Suicide, Affairs, Guilt, Bipolar Disorder, Betrayal

Caller Questions: 1. I tried to commit suicide and want to share why to help someone else. 2. My husband cheated on me for the 3rd time; why do I feel guilty telling the kids? 3. Is it wise for me to go to church with bipolar disorder? I have been accused of having demons. 4. I am hurt and angry that my wife is having an emotional affair and going out a lot.

September 10, 2018

Topics: Living Together, Hoarding, Sexual Integrity, Suicide

Caller Questions: 1. Is it wrong to live with my boyfriend if we are not having sex? 2. How do I help my husband with his hoarding? 3. I loved Every Man’s Battle where guys from all walks of life encouraged each other. 4. What should I do about my suicidal thoughts?

September 7, 2018

Topics: Boundaries, Alcohol, Verbal Abuse, Abortion, Separation, Homosexuality, Controllers, In-laws

Caller Questions: 1. Can you explain the difference between being a peace maker vs. a peace keeper? 2. My alcoholic husband lost his job and verbally attacked me in front of the kids. 3. What is the limit on being submissive to your spouse? 4. How can I overcome shame-based thinking of being rejected and a failure? 5. My 15yo nephew is struggling with sexuality, and I’m afraid he will commit suicide like his friend. 6. My son-in-law is in a coma; how can my daughter handle her controlling mother-in-law?

September 6, 2018

Topics: Narcissist, Pornography, Affairs, Getting Unstuck, Dating, Boundaries

Caller Questions: 1. I am done with this marriage to a narcissist involved with porn and affairs; what can I do to help me? 2. I have been engaged for 2yrs and living with a man who doesn’t discipline his kids; is he the one? 3. How can I get my husband to see that he shouldn’t be connecting on Facebook with an affair from his past?

September 5, 2018

Topics: Connection, Intimacy, Dating, Christian Walk, Sexual Integrity, Betrayal, Trust, Separation

Caller Questions: 1. How can I understand and help my emotionally disconnected husband? 2. I am bonded with a non-Christian man; should I move on? 3. How do I get over the betrayal of my husband watching porn and going to strip clubs? 4. Should I separate from my wife? We are arguing and have lost trust.

September 4, 2018

Topics: Depression, Anxiety, Codependency, Homosexuality, Pornography, Affairs, Grief

Caller Questions: 1. I am depressed, anxious and unemployed; how do I move forward? 2. Is it possible to switch my emotional brain to a logical brain in order to let go of a toxic relationship? 3. Interview with Amanda Anderson, a speaker at the upcoming Life Recovery Conference. 4. How do I encourage my wife to get help after my unfaithfulness with men? 5. What can I do to move on after losing my mother who was my best friend?

September 3, 2018

Topics: Connection, Friendship, Adult Children, Career, Drug Addiction

Caller Questions: 1. I am struggling with social connection as part of my recovery. 2. How do I salvage a friendship after I gave him bad marital advice? 3. What strategies can I use to get my adult daughter to seek mental help? 4. Why is it so hard for me to quit my job? 5. My husband is addicted to Ephedrine; should I separate if he doesn’t get help?