Jesus Went to the Politically Powerful

Week 5 Message

April 14, 2019 • Rusty Coram • Key Verse(s)- Luke 23

Most of us have felt some level of political dissatisfaction at some point in our lives. It can be so frustrating when we don’t feel heard, or worse, when political power is abused. Jesus didn’t work to overthrow the government or establish a new one. He spoke truth to the powerful even as they ignored justice.

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Series Introduction

God could have saved the world any way He chose…but He chose to come for us in person, to show us ju

When we look at the events surrounding Jesus, one thing is very clear…God genuinely cares about all people. That means everybody, not just the ‘good’ ones. Jesus was sent to earth with a very specific plan of action: to seek and save the lost. In this series, we’ll see how Jesus persisted, seeking out and relating to people in a wide array of life-circumstances and offering something they desperately need. As we go, we’ll also discover how He sees us and how he wants us to see others.

Jesus Went to the Wealthy and Connected

Week 1 Message • March 17, 2019 • Rusty Coram

Our lives are full of first-world problems, and the terms people use to describe our American culture aren’t always positive. Words like arrogant, entitled, and self-centered are just an example. We might react poorly when our designer coffee isn’t made correctly, but Jesus sees the true condition of our hearts. While He neither caters to us nor denounces us, He meets us where we are with compassion.

Jesus Went to the Lonely and Disconnected

Week 2 Message • March 24, 2019 • Rusty Coram

We don’t have to physically be alone to feel isolated. Many have mastered the art of hiding in plain sight. It’s easy because we can use things like social media to portray our lives as perfect. Our inability to measure up to the fantasy can leave us feeling empty and worthless. Jesus shows us we are all valued in God’s eyes.