MFHLV vision and mission is to show the people who they are in CHRIST, and give them the tools to have a real AND authentic relationship with HIM. How do you do that? By first: - Experience God: When you experience God, you’ll want more of Him - Learn to Be Taught By God: Teach my people to be taught by me and I will be with them always till the very end - Give Back To God: When you Give back to God, you will find your purpose. This app provides access to all our content ranging from Sunday Services, Wednesday Night Services, Friday Nights (Youth Ministry), Media Specials, Fine Arts Drama ministry, Dances and so much more! Connect with you fellow brothers and sisters in Christ with our Group Messaging app that will allow you to: - Have small groups - Ask for prayer - Fellowship - Share scriptures and devotionals - And so much more Download today and join the family!