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Kingdom Love: A love You May Not Feel

Luke 6.27-45 • September 23, 2020 • Ricky Chelette, Bonnie Scasta

89. Death of the Dream of being with another person of the same sex

What does it mean to to die to the dream

Ricky and Bonnie talk about why and how should we die to the dream of being with another person of the same sex.

88. How parents can respond to their teens and find hope

Teens struggling with their sexuality • September 21, 2020 • Ricky Chelette, Bonnie Scasta

Many parents of those who struggle with SSA often don't know how to respond or feel as if maybe they didn't respond correctly. How do we move forward? How do i talk to my Child. Listen in as the HopeCast discuss this very topic.


LHM Participant • September 16, 2020

87. Fantasy is not your reality

How do I deal with my fantasies • September 14, 2020 • Ricky Chelette, Bonnie Scasta

Is fantasy wrong? How could this be different than experiencing temptation? Listen in as Ricky & Bonnie present the truths of the gospel and see how that applies to fantasy.

Living On the Edge

Luke 6:20-36 • Ricky Chelette

People Over Procedure

Luke 6.1-11 • September 9, 2020 • Ricky Chelette

86. How service helps healing

Did you know serving can be healing? • September 7, 2020 • Ricky Chelette, Bruno Borges, Bonnie Scasta

Part of the process of healing is becoming outwardly focused. Listen to our discussion and learn how serving others has a part of your journey of healing.

85. Moms: How to not lose hope

Persevering in Prayer • August 31, 2020 • Bonnie Scasta, Jen Ward, Marsha Inman

In this episode you're in for a treat as the ladies of Living Hope Ministries talk about grief, opening communication, adapting, and much more!

The Hardest Two Words in Scripture

Luke 5.27-39 • September 2, 2020 • Ricky Chelette

The Christ Who Heals

Luke 5:12-26 • August 26, 2020 • Ricky Chelette

The Obstacles of Obedience

Luke 5:1-11 • August 19, 2020 • Ricky Chelette

84. When am I ready to lead or serve

Can I serve when I am still struggling with porn? • August 24, 2020 • Ricky Chelette, Bonnie Scasta

Have you ever thought of serving but feel as if you're not ready? Join the discussion of when and or if you are ready to serve in the body.

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