Possess the Promise pt1


Christmas Prepared


Christmas Prepared


Christmas Prepared

Zachariah and Elizabeth

The Changeover

What does it mean to deny yourself?


We are called to be 'One'

Prove It

How do we respond to a world asking us to prove it?

Your Friend Frustration

How do you respond to frustration?

Empty Vessels

What fills you up?

Small Gains

Growth, it's all in the small gains.

Know Who You Are

Amazing things can happen when we know who we are

It's Cool To Be Kind

We have an infinitely kind God, but what is kindness?

Dormant Seeds

How does God see you?

Designed Destiny

Uniquely Equipped and Purposefully Shaped

Specks & Logs

What Does it Mean to Judge?

His Test, His Rest, His Best

Your Financial Freedom is in Your Relationship with Jesus

It's All In The Meal

Looking at what money means for us and our relationship with God.

It's All About The Heart

Looking at our Heart response to Giving

Love is not an Island

Looking at what Love really means in Today's World.

Get Going pt3

Raise a shout!

Get Going pt2

The Call of God to New Things!