Songs of Christmas

Songs in Scripture Celebrating the Birth of Jesus

Walking in Truth

The Epistles of John

God Saves Sinners

An Exposition of the Book of Isaiah

Blueprint for a Healthy Church

The Gospel's Design for God's Disciples

Focus to Follow

Learn to focus your life on Christ to become an authentic follower!

Mental Health Awareness

Find hope and healing to realize the stability available through God's grace

Preaching & Pie

LBC men take turns preaching to edify the church

Standalone Sermons

The Lord's Supper

Special messages for remembering the death and resurrection of Christ

Overcoming Adversity

All things are possible with God!

Christian Growth

Mature and strengthen your faith in Christ!

Grace Changes Everything

Apply the grace of God in order to experience the radical transformative power of God!

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Sermons & Studies on the Greatest Event in History

Building Blocks for Believers

Solidify the foundational truth of Scripture in order to worship, connect, grow, and serve for the glory of God!

Gospel Centered Life

Revolve your life around the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to the Letter to the Philippians

Iron Men

Iron sharpens iron - so stay sharp!

Take It Personally

Learning to Share the Gospel

Chaplain's Corner

Leadership Lessons & Military Messages

Experiencing God's Purpose Together

God's purpose for our lives can be experienced in Christ!

Big Lessons from Little Books

Explore the smaller books of the Bible to gather big lessons for life!

Marriage Enrichment

Discover practical ways to build your marriage upon the instructions of the Bible.