Daniel #3 - A Kingdom that Lasts

Daniel 2:24-49

October 1, 2017

Daniel 2:24-49 | Daniel lived in the kingdom of the world, but he lived for a different King. Brought before a raging Nebuchadnezzar, God gives Daniel insight into both the king’s dream as well as its meaning and prophecies in advance the next four global empires as well as the coming of Christ. The wise men of the kingdom are spared execution, Daniel is promoted, and Nebuchadnezzar confesses, “Truly your God, is God of gods.” History shows us that kingdoms will rise and fall, but even the mightiest empires, rulers, and voices in our world amount to little more than broken sandcastles on the pages of God’s story. God’s kingdom is the only one that will endure, and it is growing, advancing, and filling the entire earth. Everybody is building somebody’s kingdom. Nebuchadnezzar’s dream confronts each of us with a question: am I living for a kingdom that is fading away, or the Kingdom that will last forever?