Keys to Congregational Readiness for the Call Process

Keys 4-6

April 14, 2021 • Perry Fruhling

This segment includes formation of the call committee (including responsibilities and roles), development of a job description, and defining budgetary needs for both compensation package and the call committee’s work. (23 minutes)


April 14, 2021 • Perry Fruhling

The Call Committee Workshop is designed to help LCMC congregations who are in a transition between pastors. Each segment is designed specifically for portions of the call process which assist call teams in reflecting on steps to take as they journey together. It’s good to stop after each segment and evaluate your team’s progress. Determine your priorities in each area and what action items are needed to solidify your call process. This introductory video gives an overview of the agenda, rationale for a call committee workshop, and the call process for congregations in LCMC. (10 minutes)

Transitions in Your Church

April 14, 2021 • Perry Fruhling

A major issue in congregations is the emotional, psychological, relational, and missional issues related to change in the congregation. This video serves as an introduction to three phases of transition and things leaders can do to help the congregation navigate transition. (24 minutes)

Definitions in the Call Process

April 14, 2021 • Perry Fruhling

What is a contract call pastor in LCMC? What is a certified pastor in LCMC? This video explores definitions in the call process for LCMC congregations. (11 minutes)