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The official King’s Fire Church App We are a culturally diverse assembly of Christian believers. We believe that those who trust in Jesus Christ for salvation become individual parts of a living, a growing entity called the Church. This app will allow you to connect to a variety of resources, including sermons, event information, and more... Features: - Media: Watch and Listen to our weekly sermons. Archived sermons are available as well. - A full list of our ministries and how you can get involved. - A constant rotating calendar of upcoming events, along with a live-streaming tab for all services. Offering and Giving Livestream SOCIAL INTEGRATION: Share content with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Just help us by using the hashtag "King's Fire Church" on all content. - Notifications: Make sure "push notifications" are allowed so you can see when we're live! For more information about Kings Fire Church, please visit: http://www.kingsfire.org