Harvest Celebration 2023

Go Deeper

Ephesians 1

Becoming Like Our Teacher


The long-awaited Messiah has come! Join us as we follow the life of Jesus Christ in the first gospel of Matthew.

Advent Services 2022

Harvest Celebration 2022

Do Not Fear

The words of the angels, "Do not fear", resonate from the time of Jesus' birth until now. Join us for this unique look at the Advent story and how it still can affect our lives today.

Holy Week 2018

Take the journey with Christ into His final week on Earth and become reborn in Him.


Paul’s letter to the Colossians was one of encouragement and instruction. Paul set out to methodically reject any notion of the insufficiency of Christ Jesus. He reveals the true nature of Christ as the, “head of all” and our new reality as being filled with Christ.


In this series we are exploring what it means to be a multigenerational church, how it is part of God’s vision for his church, how it is a beautiful expression of God’s kingdom on earth, and yet how it poses difficulties to unity.

Proverbs: Wisdom For Life

God's wisdom helps us raise successful kids, avoid temptation and foolish mistakes, and prepares our hearts to recognize our need for God. Each sermon deals with a specific piece of God's wisdom: being humble, avoiding addiction, spending and saving wisely, and raising families.

2 Corinthians: Sorting Out A Messy World

Even the church can get messy. The early church in the important city of Corinth made a lot of messes. But Paul, the founder of that church, writes letters and visits them to straighten them out time after time.

Journey To The Star

The Light of the world has come and it was announced by the rising star 2,000 years ago. This advent season we are joining the magi on their journey to the star. A journey that leads us to Jesus.


Exploring the wonderfully unique relationship of the Trinity and an invitation for us to become part of the community of God.

A Matter Of Foundations

Pastor Ed Ezaki's final sermon as our senior pastor.

John: The Way, The Truth, The Life

We hope that as we explore John together, you will be challenged and encouraged to find a belief in Jesus that leads to true life.


What does it mean to be sent? Jesus tells his disciples near the end of John's gospel that, "as the father has sent me, so I am sending you." This still holds true today.

The Healer's In The House

Daniel: The Foreigner

Chasing The Wind: Ecclesiastes