Jesus the Messiah

What does it mean for us that Jesus is the Messiah? Jesus is that and so much more! Learn how He fulfils every aspect of our lives because of who He is and what that means for us.

Missions Conference 2023

The Ten Commandments

From the Grave to Life

Fight the Good Fight

Unfaithful Defined - The Book of Malachi

We can all learn from the unfaithfulness of God’s people. See how God’s reaction to their deep disobedience and continued sin led to redemption through the promised Messiah. His everlasting love was evident because He never abandoned them – a truth still relevant today!

Jonah - The God of Mercy

There's more to the story of Jonah than being swallowed by a huge fish! There is reluctance, defiance, avoidance, anger and fear - but through it all, God displayed His Mercy. Journey with us and learn about obedience, miracles, the mercies of God and how it is relevant in our lives today.

A Life of Worship

Is worship more than a song? Journey with us as we unpack how worship is a lifestyle! Learn about the power of praise and how it is the foundation for freedom and deliverance.

Why I Cry Mission

Grit - Radical Obedience

It takes grit, which is courage, resolve and strength of character to have the radical obedience that opens the door to what God has in store for you. Journey with us as we learn how to take steps for aligning our will with God's Will for our lives.

We Win - The Book of Revelation

Are we living in the End Times as described in the Book of Revelation? If so, what does that mean for Christ followers and unbelievers? Journey with us as we unveil this prophetic book and equip ourselves with knowledge that can grow our faith.

The Surrendered Life

We will look at different aspects of our lives this new year with the hope that our lives will not only survive but thrive for Jesus.

The Glory of Christmas

Feeling like you’ve been assigned a part you’re not able to play? Or life has handed you a list of tasks to accomplish that seem like it was intended for someone else?? Come get a closer look inside the lives of those involved in the original Christmas story!

Let Your Light Shine

Missions Conference 2022

Stand Sunday

7 Deadly Sins

We will look at the 7 deadly sins that the church has taught since the 4th century. These sins are not just forgivable, there are antidotes for each sin. The goal of these teachings is to allow the Holy Spirit to transform us into the image of Jesus!

Know Him and Make Him Known

Are you a fan or a follower of Jesus? Let's journey through what it means to have an intimacy with Jesus that propels us to live out our faith and share the gospel with the world.

There Is More

Stay the Course - 2 Timothy

Paul offered a personal challenge to Timothy to keep following Jesus no matter the sacrifice or risk. Let Paul's words of encouragement also be our challenge to stay the course in our walk with Jesus!

Prayer, Our Greatest Unused Weapon

We all have access to a weapon that can make an impact in powerful ways! What is it? Prayer. Join us as we unpack how we can utilize prayer for ourselves, others and the world!