The Glory of Christmas

Let Your Light Shine

Missions Conference 2022

Stand Sunday

7 Deadly Sins

Know Him and Make Him Known

Are you a fan or a follower of Jesus? Let's journey through what it means to have an intimacy with Jesus that propels us to live out our faith and share the gospel with the world.

There Is More

Stay the Course - 2 Timothy

Paul offered a personal challenge to Timothy to keep following Jesus no matter the sacrifice or risk. Let Paul's words of encouragement also be our challenge to stay the course in our walk with Jesus!

Prayer, Our Greatest Unused Weapon

We all have access to a weapon that can make an impact in powerful ways! What is it? Prayer. Join us as we unpack how we can utilize prayer for ourselves, others and the world!


Learn from the Bible on how we should deal with the ongoing challenge of conflict.

Walking in Faith

We can learn important lessons from heroes and the Bible has many! Bible Heroes have displayed great courage, perseverance and faith. Even though we have our own faith walk we have the same God! Hear how some iconic Bible Heroes have walked by faith, and have great lessons for our lives today.

Mother's Day 2022

Passion Week 2022

Why Do Church?

Learn about the important reasons about why it's important for Christ followers to "do church"!

Living Victoriously

Everyone desires to live life victoriously yet so few experience this possibility. Jesus promised that we could “live life to the full.” There is a catch, we must first truly SURRENDER our lives and then be filled with the Holy Spirit. This will enable us to worship Him in our private place and in

The Second Coming and Heaven

What does the Bible say about the end times, the return of Christ, Heaven and hell? Is it for real? God reveals glimpses of these subjects in His Word! Hear what the Bible says about these vital truths to the Christian faith.

The Father's Blessing

Jesus in the Tough Stuff

Living a Life of Courage for Christ

Afraid to be Free

Jesus, the True Celebration of Christmas