Are You Angry with God

Pastor Mike 9-30-2020

Let the Fire Fall

Foolish or Wise Part 7

Purpose of Wealth

Pastor Tom 9-23-2020

Revelation Chapter 22, Part 2: The Invitation

Foolish or Wise Part 6

The Power To Do Right

Pastor Tom 9-16-2020

Revelation Chapter 21, Part 3 and 22: The Light of Heaven

Pastor Tom 9-9-2020

Revelation Chapter 21, Part 2: The Twelve Gates

50 Shades of Grace

Foolish or Wise Part 5

The Importance of Insignificance

Pastor Tom 9-2-2020

Revelation Chapter 21, Part 1: New Heaven and New Earth

Foolish or Wise Part 4

The Foolishness of the Tongue

Foolish or Wise Part 3

The Law of the King

Thoughts on Water Walking

Our Hope of Heaven

Pastor Tom 8-12-2020

Revelation Chapter 20, Part 2: The Great White Throne Judgment

Foolish or Wise? You Decide. PART 2

Foolish or Wise? You Decide.

The Missing Pot

The Wedding at Cana

Pastor Tom 7-23-2020

Revelation Chapter 20, Part 1: The Binding of Satan