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Breaking the Father's Heart

Understanding the Heart of Bible Prophecy

The Cassandra Effect

Christine Darg

God's Way of Shock and Awe

Christine Darg

Anticipating the Third Temple

Christine Darg

Israel's expectation grows at this Passover

Unidentified Flying Theology

Christine Darg

Deceiving spirits and the Bible

Two Arms of the Cross

Anticipating Resurrection Sunday • Christine Darg

Living Through the Apostasy

Christine Darg

The Power of Your Weakness

Christine Darg

Exploring Paul's declaration "When I am weak, I am Strong"

PURIM SPECIAL Esther- The Female Moses

Christine Darg

A Winter of Despair or a Window of Hope

Christine Darg

Walking With God

Christine Darg

Purim: Is God About to Rescue Our Generation?

February 7, 2021 • Christine Darg

Esther: The Female Moses

Christine Darg

We desperately need good role models. Enjoy this devotional on Queen Esther.

A Time for Judgment?

Christine Darg

Should Christians be pronouncing curses on people or situations?

Before Our Very Eyes

Bible prophecies fulfilled in our day at excavations and Tel Aviv airport