Reformation and Replacement

January 18, 2018 • Christine Darg

Can the church continue reformation after 500 years?

Faith and Medical Breakthroughs

January 12, 2018 • Christine Darg

Israel is providing medical breakthroughs. Jesus provides the breaker healing.

The Key to Jerusalem

December 28, 2017 • Christine Darg

Understanding the prophetic significance of Jerusalem's capture in December 1917

That Was the Year!

December 13, 2017 • Christine Darg

The spiritual whirlwind of 2017

That Was the Year!

Christine Darg

The spiritual whirlwind of 2017

Mystery of the Magi

December 14, 2017 • Christine Darg

Why did the wise men from the east seek Jesus, the Messiah?

Christmas Special

December 8, 2017 • Christine Darg

Could the birth of Jesus happened during the Feast of Tabernacles?

The Peril of Waiting Too Long

December 1, 2017 • Christine Darg

The importance of sharing your faith with children

Wives of the Patriarch

November 28, 2017 • Christine Darg

Did Abraham remarry Hagar after the death of Sarah?

The Goodness and Severity of God

Christine Darg

Discovering the balance between God's love and His Judgement of sin

God's Protection In the Psalms

November 4, 2017 • Christine Darg

Reviewing God's promises from Psalm 91

Reconciliation: Love Is Its Own Power

November 2, 2017 • Christine Darg

Positive steps believers should take to serve as peacemakers and reconcilers

The Overcoming Power of Prayer

October 24, 2017 • Christine Darg

Learning how to exercise your prayer life to the max

Appealing to Heaven for Earthly Answers

September 28, 2017 • Christine Darg

How prayer can change the seemingly impossible

Overcoming Satan Through Spiritual Warfare

September 25, 2017 • Christine Darg

How we should deal with Satan's accusations and lies

Footsteps of the Messiah

September 19, 2017 • Christine Darg

Revisiting an ancient Jewish parable of when the king walks among his people

The Peril of False Brethren

September 17, 2017 • Christine Darg

Confronting the potential dangers and sufferings that many believers endure from false brethren.

Analyzing Expectations & Speculations on Heavenly Signs

September 13, 2017

Impending signs in the heavens: it’s the talk of the Internet and many Bible prophecy buffs! Hebrew Roots teacher Bob O’Dell brings a balanced and prophetic analysis of recent signs in the heavens–and signs soon to come.

Miracle Judgments and the Fig Tree

September 9, 2017 • Christine Darg

Nations and individuals can face miracle judgments; much as Jesus confronted a fig tree

The Blessed Hope or a Christian Hoax

September 4, 2017 • Christine Darg

The world and even some churches mock and deny that Jesus is coming again for born-again believers, but what does the Bible say about the doctrine of the Rapture?

The Progressive Church vs the Prophetic Church

August 27, 2017 • Christine Darg

Today's humanist world confronts and threatens the historic Christian faith , but what can we do to combat these current heresies?