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Miracle Hour testimonies 1/10/23

January 10, 2023

Annie Galloway I was prayed over 2 months ago for freedom for migraines. I had them for 36 years. I haven’t had any since! It’s a miracle Tonya Peterson Been dealing with IBS due to stress Tonya Peterson I can feel the peace of The Spirit Spirit and expect relief! Tonya Peterson Stress leaving praise God! Tonya : after Kevin sang a Healing song; The song sealed the deal !!! Kevin Ford ministry. Thank you Jesus Williston Tonya : Ahh feels so good the joy of the Lord The next morning in a text from Tonya “delivered of a victim Spirit ... tummy healed” From Peggy Hart: Friend Eileen doing well Friends with Covid we prayed for last week doing good Beth Stanley :is off the cane and her head is better Jonita: The little girl, Lily we prayed for last week, who was in the hospital has been released and is home. Katherine Marie Wiggett: Please pray for my mom who is having a bad reaction to an eye injection. Katherine Marie Wiggett Prayed with/For Mom-a few minutes ago & she says it’s toning down some Laurie Pomeranz Grimm Is getting a migraine Laurie Pomeranz Grimm The eye aura has gone and the headache is light and dissipating. Eileen Drew I have a right earache I can feel the heat A few minutes later “The pain is Gone”           Rosanne K Nadeau I still have a slight soreness in my left knee on the right side of the left knee twisted it at yale at the coffee area Roseanne K Nadeau : I feel the heat RoseanneK Nadeau: Kicking my leg no soreness Larry Pearson: Pray for Jacqueline’s total healing and provision for the Medical bills. Larry Pearson: ·some much thick Glory flowing Larry Pearson: Waves of Shalom just rolled in. Jonita Terrell: Praying for Dans persistent cough and chest congestion & breathing Jonita:He is sitting right here doing deep breathing. Jonita: I guess Dan's feeling better.... he's snoring. haha

Creaky painful Knees healed on the spot

Jeremiah 30:17

Josh had been experiencing pain in His knees since he left the military 2010. He came forward after a word of knowledge was given and is now completely pain free !!!

Chronic Back Pain Miraculously Healed

December 15, 2022 • Mark 16:18

Chronic Back Pain Healed with the Laying on of Hands

92 yr old Lady Gets Broken Vertebrae instantly healed. no longer needs walker

January 5, 2023 • Kevin Ford • Jeremiah 33:6

Geri Benson a lovely 92 yr old woman has her broken vertebrae healed as she feels the power of the Holy Spirit flow through her spine.

Healed of Sciatica

December 15, 2022 • Isaiah 55:11

Brandon Gets healed of sciatica !!!

Healed of Bells Palsy

Constant Migraines healed !

December 26, 2022

Lauren had experienced constant severe migraine head aches for as long as she could remember. We prayed the prayer of faith she was healed of all pain. God gets the Glory !!

Miracle Hour Testimonies 12/27/22

December 27, 2022 • Proverbs 16:24

This is text from the live broadcast. I am the host everyone else is watching and texting on the chat thread. From Jonita Terrell. In the High Desert in California  Hi Kevin! Have been having quite a bit of trouble with nerve pain in arms and legs. She said the pain right now is 7 Now a couple minutes later it’s a “4” From Donelda Lea in the prayer of agreement: Down to 4 but there is http://more.lol From Jonita: Your catching Kevin's http://rhythm.lom. LOL From Jonita a few minutes later  The pain is down to a faint 1. Some minutes later; Jonita: Feeling awesome praise God!  While we were praying for Daniel in the Yale Hospital Radiology Dept. Rosanne K Nadeau put the Live Broadcast on speaker for the whole room to hear. This is a live account from the broadcast thread of what ensued. God was having fun. From Rosanne Nadeau in Ct Dnaiel in yale hospital having ultrasound groin pain Happened to be putting on Facebook and saw this Rosanne is feeling the intercession “Wow”  From Rosanne: I have your Fb live out loud in yale radiology area there are many people in beds waiting From Rosanne : This woman is stirring in her bed Whoa  The people in 3 beds are waking !!! From Laurie Diener on the thread: Yes for those in the radiology room. Heeling now! From Jonita Terrell on the thread:  Healing for all those people in the waiting room!!!! From Tom Hill on the thread: More fire!!!!! From me speaking live (as well as I can remember something to this effect) I have faith a declare that this is expanding ….. Together folks we have a Holy Spirit move right here. Now let’s release and agree for a heavenly fire To touch all in this hospital area .A Holy Ghost explosion !!! From Peggy Martin: Fire! From Rosanne K Nardeau: People waiting for tests one guy his feet were moving another he put both his arms in the air. From Tom Hill: Amen, yes!, Holy Fire increases!!! From Rosanne: Daniel just came out of ultrasound he said no pain no nothing at the ultrasound !!!! He said he was almost sleeping !!! Me: Praise God !!!🔥🔥🔥 From Rosanne: Again Daniel said no pain during ultrasound test in the groin area. He said He is shocked !!! Rosanne : What a night !!! Allen Osborne : Way cool God alert in America ! Peggy Martin : One guy raised up Hi arms (in a bed in the waiting room) my addition !!!

Knee Instantly Healed!

December 21, 2022 • Kevin Ford • Proverbs 16:24, Hebrews 12:12–13

Mina had been experiencing pain in her leg, and after we laid hands on her knee, she experienced a very quick healing. Her excitement of being able to run pain-free is the true testimony. - I have an increasing faith that the miracle-working power of Jesus Christ that has healed Mina's knee can heal you too. Right here and now. Open your heart and believe with me for your miracle! 🙏 My prayer for you: Holy Spirit, I feel Your strengthening Presence as I type this, and my faith is exploding for the one that you love who has knee pain and disability of any kind. Let your fiery Presence be felt in the knees, and let the strengthening of your authoritative anointing break all pain and all reasons for that pain from my friend whom you love so dearly. Amen & Amen!

More Testimonies From The Miracle Hour

December 21, 2022 • Kevin Ford

Testimonies from The Miracle Hour Broadcast last night.🔥 In the midst of all the turmoil in the world I just wanted share some Good News about how The Baby From Bethlehem that we are celebrating this week has grown up and is still alive and working. God gets all the Glory. Testimony from Corrine Tosi who we prayed with last night on the broadcast: 🔥 Need prayer unknown bites that caused a infection  On both legs. God wins. Appreciate prayer for a total healing ♥️♥️. God bless This morning: Praise God. Slept thru the night. No discomfort. I see a major improvement!! Praising God. Healing has come. ♥️🕊️🙏 Sent from my iPhone From Nancy Smith in Fl I need complete healing migraine is gone but stomach still crazy but neck stressed. A couple of minutes later from Nancy Amen tingling in neck fire in belly 8 to start 2 now Shortly after: from Nancy  Amen √ better  √ no pain in neck  √ fire on me & √ stomach settled From Carrie Mayhew in Ks: RSV then pneumonia We prayed: Thanks for the love This morning: I went to the Dr and am feeling better and he said I should be feeling normal in a couple of weeks … Still a little shaky & weak . Thanks for the prayers From Tim Katon Fl for his wife Michelle  Michelle with ongoing headache A few minutes later: From Tim : Michelle’s head pain is gone. God is so faithful  Merry Christmas to all 🔥❤️

Peggy Harts Testimonies from the Miracle Hour

December 6, 2022

Peggy Hart has been bringing many Prayer requests to the miracle hour broadcast and sent along these praise reports. The following is what she wrote to us: We prayed for the boy who had a cancerous tumor inside the bone of his leg. He had treatment and is now cancer free. We prayed for a friend of mine Ray who had leukemia is being treated and his labs are coming back great. The labs are so good that they canceled some of the treatment. We prayed for a little boys injury to his groin area and he has no pain. The doctor looked at him after an MRI and he’s fine no problem. We prayed for my eyes and my side is getting better and better. I just wanted to tell you these things and I thank God for his power and light and all of our lives. Please keep Mike and Pat in your prayers. It’s a very hard time. Thanks again!

Miracle Healings in Parma

Kevin Ford, Kevin & Cynthia Ford

Last night Paula came to the meeting with shoulder back pain. Cynthia laid hands on her back while I touched her shoulder and as the team interceded, the pain went away rather quickly. Glory to God!