Changing Wanderers into Worshipers

From the Exodus to the Promised Land

A New Beginning—Worth Waiting For

Message 1 • Pastor Chuck Swindoll

Do you make it a habit to remember what it was like when you first became a Christian? In this message, Chuck Swindoll embarks with the Israelites from Egypt who were ready to enjoy their newfound freedom to worship God their Redeemer. God does not confine His redeeming work to ancient days but continues it into our present. Today, God frees us from something more dangerous than an angry Egyptian pharaoh—He frees us from our self-destructive habits to live anew and to be called by a new name. Chuck explores the significance of Israel's first Passover and invites you to experience afresh the joy you had when you first believed.

Unusual Leading, Remarkable Results

Message 2 • Pastor Chuck Swindoll

Ever feel like God has you on the toughest route toward a goal, or like He's leading you backward instead of forward? When the Israelites left Egypt, God took them south instead of northeast. When the Egyptians raced to recapture their Jewish slaves, God told them to stand firm and watch His salvation. How frighteningly miraculous it must have been to walk safely between towering walls of water and then later witness those walls of water crashing down upon the pursuing Egyptians. Explore God's unusual leading of the Israelites, so you can gain insight for today as you follow God's unusual leading in your own life and experience His remarkable results.

From Eagles' Wings to Hornets' Stings

Message 3 • Pastor Chuck Swindoll

Do you ever say to yourself, “Okay, God, what next?” After God delivered the Israelites from Egypt, He met with them at Sinai, taught them a new way of life, and called upon them to trust His leading. God describes His salvation as resembling an eagle that bears its chicks on her wings, and it's that level of care God promises His people in every venture. Chuck Swindoll encourages you to trust God completely—the first step for anyone who's about to begin something new.

Generosity: Willing Hearts, Stirred Within

Message 4 • Pastor Chuck Swindoll

Ever wonder what it takes to be a cheerful giver? In this message, Chuck Swindoll teaches us about the generous Israelites who supplied all the animal skins, gold, silver, and bronze for the wilderness tabernacle. Listen in to discover how you can cultivate the primary ingredient of generosity: a heart stirred by the spirit of God.

Investing in Things Eternal . . . Being Blessed

Message 5 • Pastor Chuck Swindoll

Do you want to do something that makes an eternal impact and also give you immediate happiness? It's common in our day for many to wait and do all their giving once they're gone, but those who do so miss out on the joy that cannot be experienced by those who don't give. Chuck Swindoll explores the completion of the tabernacle to help you glean lessons for experiencing joy in your giving.

Priority One: Taking God Very Seriously

Message 6 • Pastor Chuck Swindoll

Do you see churches swelling with infighting or Christians stagnant in their walk with Jesus and wonder, How? Often, the cause stems from one source: a failure to take God seriously. In this message, Chuck Swindoll walks through select passages from Leviticus and Numbers that contain the vital message for the Israelites to hear after their redemption from Egypt: take God seriously. Chuck explores key principles from God's Word that will help you take God seriously in our day.

It's Time to Celebrate—Not Complain

Message 7 • Pastor Chuck Swindoll

Have you ever found yourself caught up in the whirlwind of complaining only to realize the harmful effects of your complaining after it was too late? Not long after the Israelites left Egypt, they got tired of the food God provided in the wilderness. They craved the fish and cucumbers they had while slaves and got angry with God. They wanted Egyptian meat rather than God's manna. Join Chuck Swindoll as he guides you through this tense passage to learn how to live above the pervasive culture of complaining so you can enjoy a renewed life with habits of celebration—not grumbling.

How to Fail—in Four Simple Lessons

Message 8 • Pastor Chuck Swindoll

Would you like to have the upper hand against life's failures? Of course, some failures lie outside of our control, but we can avoid many shipwrecks by heeding warnings and walking in faith. When the Israelite spies scoped out God's promised land, most of them saw only obstacles and let fear steer them into unbelief. Discover along with Chuck Swindoll the additional Israelite setbacks that occurred after they left Mount Sinai. Learn lessons for the life of faith so you can act with courage and develop character.

When a Leader Fails

Message 9 • Pastor Chuck Swindoll

In light of the tragic consequences of a spiritual leader's fall, how should spiritual leaders guard against failure? As Moses fumed over the Israelites' complaints, he let anger impel him to disobey God; Moses struck the rock even though God told him only to speak to it. In his sermon on Numbers 20, Chuck Swindoll draws out from Moses' failure core lessons—including our responsibilities to serve others patiently, obey God completely, and accept God's plan willingly. Chuck Swindoll encourages us to lead with the Spirit's power rather than depend on our own.

Same Song, Eleventh Verse . . . Hope Beyond Snakebite

Message 10 • Pastor Chuck Swindoll

Do you ever get in moods where you see only half-empty glasses . . . only careless mistakes . . . only stupid decisions . . . as if nothing is going right in the world? In Numbers 21, the Israelites started to focus only on their obstacles. They grew tired of God's manna and griped against Moses. What's more, they griped against God. So, He sent poisonous snakes to wake them from their disobedience! However, God also displayed abundant grace by providing them a means to be healed from the deadly snakebites. Chuck Swindoll encourages us to live with eyes that see light and color in God's creation rather than darkness and gray. Learn to look to Jesus when your attitude dims. He will animate your spirit because He is the author and perfecter of your faith.

Almost Home

Message 11 • Pastor Chuck Swindoll

Are you tired of dead religion filled with lifeless routines that leave you spiritually empty? As Moses prepared the Israelites to enter the promised land, he told them to return to the basics. He wanted them to stay fervent in their faith and foster their relationship with God. God's heart is in relationships, and that's where He wants our hearts to be too. Join Chuck Swindoll and return to the basics of your faith, cultivating your relationship with the living God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

How to Kick-Start a Whole New Beginning

Message 12 • Pastor Chuck Swindoll

Are you starting a new season in life and wondering how God would have you begin? That's where Joshua and the Israelites found themselves as they neared the Jordan and prepared to take the promised land. God told them to be strong and courageous and to focus on His truth, guaranteeing His presence with them—a vital call for us to hear even today. Join Chuck Swindoll and kick-start a whole new beginning as God would have you do it.

Watching Those Walls Tumble Down

Message 13 • Pastor Chuck Swindoll

Ever let the tall walls of obstacles paralyze you from pursing your goals? If so, this might be just the message for you. From God's unique victory at Jericho through Joshua, we learn that nothing is impossible with Him and that He has no intention of using only normal means to give you spiritual victories. In this sermon, Chuck Swindoll teaches us how to fight our spiritual battles God's way so that He can give us the victories we need—for His glory.

Defeat on the Heels of Victory

Message 14 • Pastor Chuck Swindoll

Make no mistake, private sins always have public consequences. Personal transgressions always cause community discord. Just after God's miraculous victory at Jericho, Joshua discovered that Achan's secret sin hindered the Israelites' mandate from God. Chuck Swindoll walks us through this sobering passage, Joshua 7, teaching us to turn to God for strength during times of temptation so we can walk with God with a pure heart.

The Secret: An Attitude of Fortitude

Message 15 • Pastor Chuck Swindoll

Have you begun to let your golden years dwindle your enthusiasm for life? Joshua 14 contains an extraordinary speech from an 85 year-old man, Caleb, with eyes sparkling and arms strong enough for war. His attitude of fortitude, derived from faith, encourages us and teaches us all today so we can stand tall in our walk with God, regardless of our age. Listen in to Chuck Swindoll, who draws from Caleb's speech timeless wisdom for cultivating the attitude God wants us to have.