Burden of Truth


The Restoration of Israel

April 12, 2015 • Michael Wilburn

APPLICATION QUESTIONS: • To what "day" is Amos referring (Amos 9:11, 13)? • What specific words in Amos 9:11-15 refer to restoration? Are the fulfillments figurative or literal? • Since verse 13 speaks of God’s abundant blessings, list ways in God his blessed you abundantly. • Since God preserves a remnant of Israel today, how should Christians value Israel as a people group and as a nation?

The Vision of the Altar

March 29, 2015 • Michael Wilburn

APPLICATION QUESTIONS: • What is an altar and what does it represent? • How do you want to be perceived? Since no one can hide from God (Amos 9:2-4), how does God perceive you? • Does it comfort or scare you that God sees all things (Amos 9:8)? Why? • Amos 9:8 says, “I will not utterly destroy the house of Jacob, declares the Lord”. What does that tell you about God’s character?

The Vision of Summer Fruit

March 22, 2015 • Michael Wilburn

APPLICATION QUESTIONS: • Do you work well with a deadline? Why or why not? • What advantage is there in Scripture warning of looming judgment? • Read the account of Israel’s dishonest (vs. 4-6). How can you grow in honesty? • Is there a famine for God’s Word today? Support your conclusion with examples.

The Vision of a Plumb Line

March 8, 2015 • Michael Wilburn

APPLICATION QUESTIONS: • What does “relent” mean? How can God, who is immutable, change his mind? • Looking at Amos 7, how effective is prayer? • What is an appropriate balance between interceding for spiritual needs and health needs? • List simple ways to pray for forgiveness and against wickedness.

At Ease in Zion: The False Hope of Religion and Luxury

February 22, 2015 • Michael Wilburn

APPLICATION QUESTIONS: • What is the Day of the Lord? Consider passages such as Amos 5:18; Joel 2; Isaiah 13:6, 9; 1 Thess. 5:1-11; 2 Thess. 2:2; 2 Peter 3:10. • What does it mean to worship God? Why did God reject Israel’s worship (Amos 5:21-27)? • When is "taking it easy” a bad thing (Amos 6:1)? How does a Christian balance leisure time with work, family, and church? • If you rid your schedule of one small leisure item, what would it be? Replace it with focused time on others and the future.

Israel: Judged for Immorality

February 15, 2015 • Michael Wilburn

APPLICATION QUESTIONS: • If God commands in judgment “Fallen, no more to rise, is the virgin Israel” (Amos 5:2), how can he invite the house of Israel to “seek me and live” (Amos 5:4)? • How do you “seek good, and not evil” (Amos 5:14)? Give specific examples. • What does it mean to lament and mourn (Amos 5:1, 16)? How can the church help people lament and mourn appropriately? • Share (and perhaps sing) favorite songs and hymns of comfort out loud to yourself (or in a group).

Israel: Judged for Idolatry & False Worship

February 8, 2015 • Michael Wilburn

Application Questions: 1. What does it mean for the Lord to "swear by his holiness" (Amos 4:2)? 2. What do the 5 catastrophes in Amos 4:6-11 tell you about God’s sovereignty? 3. How has God used hardship to draw you to him? 4. Would you sing the ancient hymn of Amos 4:13 in joy or dread? How would Amos' audience sing it?

Israel: Judged for Irresponsibility

February 1, 2015 • Michael Wilburn

APPLICATION QUESTIONS: • In comparison to Israel’s covenant relationship to God (Amos 3:1-2a), how do you consider yourself spiritually privileged? • As a Christian, how responsible are you to live to the glory of God? What NT verses confirm it? • Why did God’s leave a remnant of Israel (Amos 3:12)? • What does Amos 3 tell us about God who judges his own people?

Judgment of Judah & Israel

January 25, 2015 • Michael Wilburn

Questions for Application: • How does family history influence spiritual formation like medical history (see Amos 2:4)? • After identifying the four crimes in Amos 2:6-8, is today’s culture different? Why or why not? List similarities and dissimilarities. • Consider the phrase “It was I…” (vs. 9, 10). How is God providentially leading you to the Gospel and in the Christian life? Give examples. Share your story. • How many people survive God’s judgment (vs. 13-16)?

Judgment of Nations: The Surprising Sovereignty of God

January 18, 2015 • Michael Wilburn

APPLICATION QUESTIONS: • What does it say about God that he not only judges his covenant people, but also the nations? • Look for the word “because” (Amos 1:2-2:3) and answer, why was God’s judgment justified? • How does God’s sovereignty help Christians read the daily news? • Since God judges the nations, how must Christians and the church set priorities over time and resources?

An Introduction to Amos

January 11, 2015 • Michael Wilburn

APPLICATION QUESTIONS: • What was Amos's burden? Who gave it to him? • What is the implication that God judges the nations and his own people? • Given Amos's calling, have you considered God's call upon your life? • Where is the hope in the book of Amos?