Don't Live Alone

May 3, 2015 • Michael Wilburn • 1 Thessalonians 5:14c

APPLICATION QUESTIONS: • What is weakness? How would you identify a person as weak? • Recall a time of personal weakness and share how someone helped you. • Where does a spiritual desire to help the weak originate? How can you cultivate this desire? • What is the church’s responsibility to help the weak in the church and in society?

Give Thanks in All Things

June 14, 2015 • Michael Wilburn

APPLICATION QUESTIONS: • How critical is trusting God to thanking God? • What causes you discontentment? What can you thank God for in your deepest discontent? • Find the simplest Bible verse that encourages thankfulness and commit it to memory. What is the verse? • Is peer-to-peer comparison a valid way to find thankfulness?

Abstain from Evil

July 12, 2015 • Michael Wilburn

APPLICATION QUESTIONS: • What does "form" mean? What is a "form of evil"? • How does a person know what is evil? • In what way does 1 Thessalonians 4:3 help define the word "abstain"? • What is the purpose of abstaining? What good does it produce?

Hold Fast to Good

July 5, 2015 • Michael Wilburn

APPLICATION QUESTIONS: • What does it mean to "test everything"? Test by what standard? • Describe what it means to "hold fast." How does one hold fast to truth? • How important is decisiveness in the Christian life? Are there dangers to indecisiveness? • Who determines what is good? Why?