What if we told you that talking about your faith is less about delivering a polished presentation and more about having a real conversation? Invite your friends over for a backyard bbq and see how sharing your faith is as easy asking them to bring a dish to share.


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Celebrating Summer

What if this summer could be your best summer yet? What if you could come to the end and look back at something to celebrate? Join us as we look at how we can make the most of this upcoming season together!

One-Off Conversations

In Real Life

Have you ever learned something you knew to be true, but left you asking, “Ok, but what does that look like in REAL life?” It’s one thing to know something. It’s another to live it, to have it bring vibrancy to our lives. Jesus was a master at bringing truth to life. His ability to use story to tran

Thriving in Transition

Transitions can be tricky. Our normal rhythms and habits are thrown out the window and we can feel like we’re spinning unable to gain traction. We feel like we’re rebuilding our lives and in many ways we are, but that doesn’t have to scare us. Transitions can actually be a time for tremendous growth

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Lost & Found

Over the past few weeks every one of us has experienced loss in some way. Whether it’s the loss of our normal routine, the loss of a job, or the loss of someone we love. We are all engaging loss in some way, but loss doesn’t mean that all is lost. Often in the midst of loss there is something powerf

Anthony & Chris in the Morning


It’s amazing the role fear can plan in our lives if we allow it. Fear is a necessary part of life, but often it assumes a role in our lives it was never intended to play. For many of us fear dominates the decisions we make, the lives we live. It doesn’t have to be that way. Join us as we, in the mid

Home Series (Incl. Study Guide/Stories)


Have you ever felt like your engaging new challenges with an old operating system? Have you wished there was a button you could push to upgrade? Join us this January as we look at God’s invitation into “new”. It isn’t something you make happen, it’s something He’s been wanting to do in and through y

Simply Christmas

Christmas is here! For some it brings excitement, for some it brings dread. For all of us it brings a level of chaos we don't really know how to control. It's big, it's busy, and often in the process, the power of it is lost. What if we could get it all back? Join us as we seek to capture the sim

Between Instagrams

On a daily basis we’re exposed to the highlights of the lives of those around us. We see the vacation photos, the birthdays, the best outfits, the accomplishments and achievements. These moments are captured and shared as the #bestlife, leaving us longing for those moments ourselves. We want to live

What Am I Here For? (With Study Guide)

At the heart of every person there’s a question. No one escapes it. No one can avoid it. It’s the question of purpose. What am I here for? What’s the point? It’s a question that every person for all of time has asked.


It was sent with the greatest of messages. It was commissioned to make the world dance. However, like any movement, it was taken in directions never intended. And like any movement, it must constantly be brought back to its roots.

Divided States of America

Why is it that suddenly we seem to find ourselves in a culture where conversation is no longer possible? Why are the divides growing so rapidly? What’s changed, and how does faith impact the way we experience and engage the politics of this changing landscape?


Most of us understand that it’s not best to swim dressed for hiking or to run decked out for skiing. Yet, we attempt to live our lives carrying the unbearable weight of our past hurts and the unshakeable chains of bitterness.

Easter 2019

Do you ever wonder how someone could believe that Christ died for us, was buried, rose from the dead, and was seen, how someone could actually believe in Easter? Is it a story that arose over generations, or is there actually more to it? It’s the weekend in history that changed everything forever,