chasing the wind

What is the purpose of it all?

July 23, 2023 • Jason McNutt • Ecclesiastes 12:9–14

If we believe there is "right" and "wrong", then we must accept the need for a standard greater than indiviuduals' views or opinions. As disciples of Jesus, we first acknowledge God as the Creator who has a purpose for His people, We fulfill that purpose when we recognize we cannot keep his commandments and accept salvation through Jesus. We love because He first loved us.

How does death help us rejoice in life?

July 16, 2023 • Jason McNutt • Ecclesiastes 11:7—12:8

Our culture does not place value on age, we marginalize it. We fear aging because we fear death. Yet, the life of a disciple of Jesus is a call to find joy, even in the face of death. In this passage, the Preacher encourages us, especially the young, to find joy in life because that is what God commands us to do.

Do you ever wonder if what you do really matters?

July 9, 2023 • Jason McNutt • Ecclesiastes 11:1–8

Often it seems that we do the right things but never observe any difference for the Kingdom of God. Solomon shows us that we must act even when we do not know how God is using us. More times than not, that is the case. Abundantly sharing our time, talents, gifts and treasures is an exercise in faith, acting with courage through Christ. 

Facts are Good, Wisdom is Better, God's Truth is Best

July 2, 2023 • Jim Spigelmire • Ecclesiastes 9:13–18, Ecclesiastes 10

Even a little foolishness compromises wisdom. That is why we must guard against its polluting effects. Instead, we persist in pursuing wisdom, valuing it above and beyond material trappings.

More than good advice?

June 25, 2023 • Ecclesiastes 9

Solomon continues to use the certainty of death to inspire a realistic view of life. Life activities, approved by God, should be viewed as gifts from the Giver for our enjoyment. Furthermore, as Christians, we can begin to appreciate their value, in the here and now and as a foretaste of heaven.  

What is the heavenly perspective on earthly authority?

June 18, 2023 • Mark Cox • Ecclesiastes 8:1–14

The make-up of God's Kingdom is counterintuitive; meek, humble, and repentent are just a few descriptions of those that enter. The authority is ultimately God's; He makes and keeps all the rules. it is to His glory. Our observed experience with human authority is different. it is corruptible. We judge it's efficacy based on how it serves us. In the end, we trust in His eternal plan, not what we observe in the moment.

How do you discern what is good, better and best?

June 11, 2023 • Jason McNutt • Ecclesiastes 7

Most decisions we face do not neatly reduce to black or white responses. (The ones that do should be obvious.) Instead, we need to choose between bad, good, better, or best. We can have Biblical wisdom that is gained two ways; knowing God’s word and our life experiences. Then we can apply that wisdom to consider our response.

What do your desires reveal about your heart?

June 4, 2023 • Jason McNutt • Ecclesiastes 5:8—6:12

Sinfulness causes our hearts to gravitate toward discontent. We assume that having just a little more will satisfy us. It never does. Finding meaning in life is not done through the constant pursuit of more material things. Instead, we can enjoy life with a heart, given over to Jesus, that is content with what we have.

Is your worship for gain or God's glory?

May 28, 2023 • Jason McNutt • Ecclesiastes 5:1–7

We must accept our limits and boundaries as created beings. Once we do that, we can enjoy life as a gift from God, not something we master for our personal satisfaction. This includes the way we approach worshiping the Lord.

Are you searching for a better life?

May 21, 2023 • Jason McNutt • Ecclesiastes 4

People recognize that the meaning of life comes from something other than having better jobs, houses, vacations, and such. We want better but better at what? Solomon shows us that compassion, contentment, community, and wisdom are the things that are better than their alternatives. We embrace life for what it is, not what we want it to be.

How do you navigate the seasons of life?

May 14, 2023 • Jason McNutt • Ecclesiastes 3

Solomon continues with the theme that, as temporal beings, time exerts tension in our lives. However, he moves from the finality of live at death to contrast a series of pleasant and distressing times or seasons. We desire to avoid times that are distressing. Rather than trying to control them, Solomon encourages us to experience joy by submitting to God's sovereignty instead.

How do you cope with the brevity of life?

May 7, 2023 • Jason McNutt • Ecclesiastes 1:12—2:26

Solomon’s records his attempts to find significance. They are no different than the things we pursue.  Even at the pinnacle of his earthly success, none of it satisfied. Yet, he begins to give us a glimpse of the way to find enjoyment. Rather than striving for gain, we enjoy life for what it is, a gift from God.  

Do you know your limits?

April 23, 2023 • Jason McNutt • Ecclesiastes 1:1–11

We can grow frustrated with the apparent smallness of our lives. We assume fulfillment lies outside of our circumstances, pursue it, and then grow frustrated all over again. Solomon makes this point saying, everything “under the sun” is futile. Yet, right next to it, he adds a second theme; we can be called to joy by something deeper than the things around us. We just need to accept our limits.

Is everything really futile? (An Introduction to Ecclesiastes)

April 16, 2023 • Jason McNutt • Ecclesiastes 1:1–3

Is everything futile, meaningless or vanity? Solomon opens Ecclesiastes with this attention-grabbing claim (v.2). Throughout the book he builds on this point, declaring the reality of living in a fallen world. However, the book is not about despair. It shows us how to have contentment and satisfaction despite the brokenness of our world. By living in grace, as disciples of Jesus, it challenges us to consider our priorities. It should not leave us neutral.