Learning How to Live

Lessons from the Exodus

Forward With Christ

August 1, 2021 • Exodus 40

To Your Marks, Set… Exodus has felt a little like the Olympics with so much happening in a short period of time. The final chapter brings the completion of the Tabernacle, the anointing, and finally the Glory of God descending and filling the tabernacle with his presence. Remember this is recorded for us in order that we would know how to live. #lessonsfromtheexodus #learninghowtolive #forwardwithchrist

Back ON Track

July 25, 2021 • Exodus 35:1—39:23

Life can be hard and sometimes it can be an absolute train wreck… Who can help us get “back on track” after we have suffered a train wreck in our lives? Great News - Jesus specializes in the restoration and renewal of people who have been devastated by the wreckage of sin. #backontrack #learninghowtolive #lessonsfromtheexodus

Show Me Your Glory

July 18, 2021

Text: Exodus 34:1-35 Summary: Exodus 34 is God’s autobiography. The Living God will reveal his person and character with stunning clarity. When we understand who he is, we can discover who we are and how to live free. #lessonsfromtheexodus #learninghowtolive

Pursuing God's Presence

July 11, 2021

Text: Exodus 33:1-23 Summary: Many people want God’s blessing and power in their lives. This desire is not wrong, if it is coupled with the presence of God. What the human heart truly needs is to experience God’s presence everyday. #pursuingGodspresence #learninghowtolive #lessonsfromtheexodus


June 27, 2021

When we decide to do what we want vs. what God wants… there will be Trouble. When we find ourselves in “Trouble”, we will need intercession, forgiveness and correction. #weareintrouble #learninghowtolive


June 20, 2021

We all have skills and abilities given to us from the Living God. He expects that we would use these skills and abilities to honor him and bless people around us. #useyourskillsforchrist #learninghowtolive #lessonsfromtheexodus

We Are Priests

June 6, 2021

Israel's High Priest was attired intentionally to reveal God’s glory and beauty. Today, every follower of Jesus is declared as part of God’s royal priesthood. As representatives of the Living God we are to be clothed in kindness, compassion, forgiveness and love. #wearepriests #learninghowtolive #lessonsfromtheexodus

Worship Essentials

May 30, 2021

Worship is extremely important. Worship is absolutely necessary. Worship is Essential! As we Learn How to Live, God reveals that his intention is to be at the center of our lives each and every day. #Worshipessentials #Learninghowtolive #Lessonsfromtheexodus

Meeting With God

May 23, 2021

In the book of Exodus, chapter 24 we are allowed to see a meeting between the leaders of Israel and the Living God on Mt. Sinai. The Good News for us is that we no longer have to scale a mountain in Saudi Arabia to meet with God. The Holy Spirit dwells in every follower of Jesus.

A Bright Future

May 16, 2021

Our God leads us like a Shepherd. He is out in front of us, showing us the way to go. He walks with us, comforting and helping us along the way. He comes behind us, providing us with protection. The Lord is leading us to a secure and wonderful destination that he has prepared for us. #wehaveabrightfuture #learninginghowtolive #lessonfromtheexodus

Words to Live By

May 9, 2021

There are things in life that are ok to forget (i.e. trivia, old phone #’s, etc). Then, there are IMPORTANT matters that guide, direct and change our lives. The instructions of the Living God are IMPORTANT because they are literally Words to Live By. #learninghowtolive #lessonsfromtheexodus

Serve and Protect

May 2, 2021

When our relationship with the Living God is prioritized, he will help us to handle the relationships around us in an honoring manner. We are meant to serve and protect our fellow man. Lord help us to love our neighbors. #learninghowtolive #lessonsfromtheexodus

Prioritizing Worship

April 25, 2021

God wants to be prioritized in our lives and in our worship. He is not just another option on the shelf of “gods”. Our God is preeminent, supreme, the ONLY God and when we get that right he will help us to relate and navigate the world around us. #learninghowtolive

The Clarity of the King

April 18, 2021

The 10 Commandments are not just a list of “Do’s” and “Dont’s”. They reveal who God IS. Our God is not interested in burdening his people with a host of religious rules. God’s heart is to teach us how to live as Free People. #learninghowtolive #lessonsfromtheexodus