Letters From John

Truth for Life

This, NOT That

September 17, 2023 • Jason Williams • 3 John

We need examples, role models… heroes to follow. The Key is to carefully choose whom we follow and imitate. In the third letter from the Apostle John, we are given two Godly examples worthy of imitation and one example from which we should run.

Walk in The Truth

September 10, 2023 • Jason Williams • 2 John

The Truth Matters. The Truth is that Jesus Christ is God's Son who came for us (in the Flesh). As Christians celebrate the truth, we must remain on guard as many false teachers continue to pervert the truth.  


September 3, 2023 • Jason Williams • 1 John 5:19–21

We (Christians) can have certainty in an uncertain world. We have the assurance of eternal life, answered prayer, victory over sin and satan, belonging to God, and that Jesus is the TRUE God. Jesus gives us real confidence despite the ever-shifting circumstances.

Three Witnesses

August 27, 2023 • Jason Williams

Christianity is an informed faith. Our heads and our hearts work together as we look at the evidence for the Savior. There are Three Witnesses that show up and testify on behalf of the person of Jesus - The Water, The Blood, and The Spirit.

Overcoming Love

August 20, 2023 • Rob Williams • 1 John 5:1–5

Am I confident or living in fear? Am I honest or living a lie? Am I joyfully obedient to God or rebelling? Am I an overcomer of the world or hopelessly overwhelmed. The book of 1 John helps us to answer some of these questions.

Love One Another

August 13, 2023 • Darin Brown • 1 John 4:7–17

God loves us more than we can imagine, and John tells us that we are to love others with that same kind of love. In fact, a way we can test whether we even know God is to look at how well we love others.

Be Discerning!

August 6, 2023 • Kirk Bentley • 1 John 4:1–6

Followers of Jesus should be good at distinguishing the truth from the lies - the real from the fake. John gives us a sturdy practice that helps us in testing whether something is from God or if it opposes Him.

Tests of a True Christian

July 30, 2023 • Darren Thomas • 1 John 3:11–24

Faith in Jesus, love for other Christians, and obeying God’s commands are the major tests of true Christian faith. 


July 23, 2023 • Jason Williams

Incompatible - unable to coexist together. Being a Child of God is incompatible with practicing a sinful lifestyle. There will be struggle with sin until we stand completed in the presence of the Savior. According to the Apostle John, the person who “lives in” willful unrepentant sin is not a Christian.

The Real McCoy

July 16, 2023 • Jason Williams • 1 John 2:28—3:4

Know Who You ARE. Remember Who You ARE. All Christians need regular reminders that we ARE the Children of God. We have been brought into the family of God, and as Children of God, we should increasingly resemble the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit through our obedience.

Authenticity Required

July 9, 2023 • Jason Williams • 1 John 2:18–27

Our world is filled with hackers, imposters, counterfeiters, and frauds of all kinds. What we desperately long for is Authenticity. Authentic Christians following the Authentic Savior and leading people into Authentic Faith.  


July 2, 2023 • Jason Williams

This is IMPOSSIBLE: You Cannot Love God and Love the *World. "The World" is the organized system headed by Satan that leaves God out and is a rival to Him. God wants us to love him and then to love the people made in his image that populate this world. We’re going to need his help.

Let's Grow Up

June 18, 2023 • Jason Williams • 1 John 2:3–14

The Apostle John wants New Believers (Little Children), Adolescent Believers (Young Men), and Mature Believers (Fathers) to Grow and make Progress in their faith. We are called to walk the same way Jesus walked - Yes, Love is his signature.

Live in the Light

June 11, 2023 • Jason Williams • 1 John 1:5—2:2

God is Light and in him is no darkness at all. The Living God wants his people, his children, his followers - to be people who walk and live in the light. Shady attitudes, words, and actions have no place in the life of a believer in Jesus. Lord, help us to live in the light!

Keep It Real

June 4, 2023 • Jason Williams • 1 John 1:1–4

Once Upon A Time is how many of our popular fairytales begin, but fairytales can never truly deliver the "happily ever after” that our hearts long for. A REAL relationship with Jesus the Savior is what we were made for. You are invited to investigate and experience Jesus.