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The Day of the Lord

Rev 1:4-8

A Message of Hope

Rev 1:1-3


Ordinances of the Church • 1 Cor 11:17-34

Tell of God's Greatness

Psalm 78

God's Power Changes Everything

Psalm 77

God Fights and Finishes Your Battles

Psalm 76

God, Our Sovereign Ruler

Psalm 75

Believe the Truths About God

Psalm 74

God is Our Fortune Forever

Psalm 73

The Kingdom & The Perfect King

Psalm 72

Finishing Well

Psalm 71

How Are We to Live In Suffering?

Psalm 70

What Do We Do In Suffering?

Psalm 69

The Victorious Christ

Psalm 68

The Praise and Fear of God

Psalm 67

The Action and Attentiveness of God

Psalm 66

The Promises and Providence of God

Genesis 50:4-26

Grace and Blessing

Genesis 48-50:3

God Provides in Life and Death

Genesis 47

3 "B's" for the Christian Life

Genesis 46:28-34

Comfort in God's Faithfulness

Genesis 46:1-27