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Praise God for His Steadfast Love

Praise for the Holy and Majestic King

Psalm 99

Praise for the Righteous Judge

Psalm 98

God's Rule & Final Victory Bring Praise

Psalm 97

The Fear of the Lord and Praise

Psalm 96

Have a Heart of Praise

Psalm 95

God Knows and Will Act

Psalm 94

The Lord of Creation

Psalm 93

It is Right to Praise God

Psalm 92

God Uses Our Disability

Give Up!

Jonah 2

When God Throws a Man Overboard

Jonah 1:7-17

What Right Do You Have

A City Turned Upside Down

Jonah 3

Hope (local)

You Cannot Outrun God

Jonah 1:1-6

What is Your Heart's Cry?

Romans 10:5-13

Missions Sunday

Acts 1:8

What is Holy Week?

Evangelism in the Pacific Northwest

Justified, Saved, and Reconciled

Romans 5:6-11