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How Much is Jesus Worth?

John 19:31-42

6 Declarations from 1 Cross

John 19:16b-30

We Have a King

John 18:28-19:6

Truly Following Because You Truly See

John 18:15-27

Jesus Went to the Cross for Sinners

John 18:1-14

A Gospel Rooted Life

Psalm 52

A Mirror of Mercy

Psalm 51

Check Your Heart

Psalm 50

The Power of Redemption

Psalm 49

The City of the Eschaton

Psalm 48

Praise Him for Who He Is

Psalm 47

A Mighty Fortress, God is Our Refuge

Psalm 46

The King is Worthy of Praise

Psalm 45

The Eternal in the Present

Psalm 44

In Times of Trouble

Psalm 43

Flying by the Instruments

Psalm 42

God Never Fails His People!

Psalm 41

The Merciful Gospel in Psalm 40

Psalm 40

Nothing Like a Father's Love

John 17:6-26

It's as Good as Done

John 17:1-5

Ascension Day Service 2018

Acts 1:1-11