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And January 2 • December 26, 2018

Grace Family Christmas

No youth • December 19, 2018

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November 28th, December 5th, and 12th • November 21, 2018

The Great Escape

Acts 9:19-31 • November 14, 2018 • Asher Day

What if you don't feel welcome in the Church? We find Saul attempting over and over again, to connect with the church. Because of Saul's persistence and Barnabas's acceptance the Jesus movement maintained peace and they grew.

Saul Flips

Acts 9:1-22 • November 7, 2018 • Asher Day

Who is Lord in your life? We look in Acts 9 where Saul asks the question, "Who are you Lord?"

Trunk or Treat

No Sermon • October 31, 2018

The Ethiopian

Acts 8:26-40 • October 24, 2018 • Asher Day

We see Philip explaining to the Ethiopian Isaiah 53:7-8. Could you explain this verse to someone and lead them to Christ like Philip? Asher preaches a challenge to know your Bible like Philip so that you can explain the Bible to others so they can know Christ.

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October 17, 2018

Chasing Signs and Wonders

Acts 8:9-25 • October 10, 2018 • Asher Day

Asher teaches about Simon, a sorcerer, who finds out that Jesus is stronger than the spirits he served. No matter what wizardry or spiritual powers, not of Jesus, that people dabble in, there is nothing more powerful than Jesus Christ. People cannot serve two masters. If you're messing around with things in the spirit realm that are not Jesus, you need to repent and get out of it.

A Well Received Truth Pt. 2

Acts 8:1-8 • October 3, 2018 • Asher Day

Continuing in Acts, we meet Philip, a man God chooses to stand out. Stephen had died and it would have been easy for Philip to hide in fear, confusion, but God took him to Samaria to stand out and bring people to Jesus. Its easy to blend in and try to hide. The hard part is, after something troubling happens, to continue to bring Jesus to the people who need him.

A Well Received Truth

Acts 8:1-8 • September 26, 2018 • Asher Day

Jesus wants to begin a good work in you and complete that good work in you. Seek Him for ALL things, because in Him all things are held together.

Sauls Persecution Begins

Acts 8:1-3 • September 19, 2018 • Asher Day

Follow Christ, Live for Him, Do the right thing despite what others are doing around you. If you were accused today for being a Christian, would they find enough evidence to convict you? What do your actions say about your relationship with God?

An Ill Received Truth Pt. 2

Acts 6:8-7:54 • September 12, 2018 • Asher Day

Stephen loved people despite the pain they threw his way. Love like Christ despite the pain thrown your way by others. People watch how you love, how you forgive, how you defend your faith. You will never regret faithfulness to the Lord.

An Ill Received Truth Pt. 1

Acts 6:8-7:54 • September 5, 2018 • Asher Day

Stephen the Martyr was ready with an answer in defense of the Gospel, are you?


Acts 6:1-7 • August 29, 2018 • Asher Day

We see in Acts today that the Seven were appointed by the apostles to help fill a need. When people jump in and fill needs in the church, salvation multiplies. What part of the load are you helping with?