Setting Things In Order

Acts 21:17-26

January 8, 2020 • Asher Day

Make some spiritual habits in your relationship with God, because even if you fail and mess up sometimes, at least you've made an effort to connect and grow with the Lord. He won't fail you!

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Paul Faces Festus

Acts 25:1-12 • February 19, 2020 • Matt Brown

What Would Your Letter Say?

Acts 25:13-27 • February 26, 2020 • Asher Day

If your life was put on trial today, would you be found guilty or innocent of being a Christian? Allow the Lord to guide and direct your life in a way that would prove you guilty.

Paul Faces Felix

Acts 24:1-27 • February 13, 2020 • Asher Day

We need to make a choice. How will we respond to the gospel? Do not be like Felix and put it off. We are not promised tomorrow.