Experience God's abundance in your life! This app includes Bible teaching by Beatty Carmichael and others, and is dedicated to helping you learn how to step out by faith on God's word. Learn God's word at a deeper level, how to apply it in ways most people rarely think about, and watch God do amazing things in your life! Also includes FREE Bible app with multiple versions and more. Topics include > How to identify your calling in life > God's spiritual law of financial blessings > How to walk in "radical" faith > Spiritual warfare and how to get free of torments and chronic illness > Understanding your TRUE identity in Christ > When bad things happen, is it God's will? > How to raise Godly kids who remain Godly > Going through tests of faith > How to have faith like Jesus > Is sickness part of God's will for you? (and if not, how to get free) ... and much more!