Flawed But Chosen

The Imperfect Road to Redemption

Flawed But Chosen - Part 6

March 7, 2021 • Randy Hageman

One of the struggles God’s people have always had was getting distracted from God’s best and settling or focusing on other things. Sometimes this is intentional, but many times it’s simply getting distracted and letting our priorities slip. Today we see how that easily happened to the Jews in Judah, and it took a young king becoming aware of the truth of God’s Word to enable him to provide people the Godly leadership they needed. And today we continue to need God’s Word to keep us from doing the same thing.

Flawed But Chosen - Part 5 - King Hezekiah

February 28, 2021 • Carson Minish

As we continue our series, Flawed but Chosen, we will be looking at King Hezekiah. Hezekiah faced many troubles during his reign yet he always sought to do the Lord's will. Let's look together at the events surrounding Hezekiah's life and the choices God made to save him and his people!

Flawed But Chosen - Part 4

February 21, 2021 • Randy Hageman

What establishes our compass for right living and decision making? What becomes our standard by which we can judge credibility and whether something is true? For some, it’s easy to listen to the world around us, and it has a lot to offer. But, is it the truth or is it sand that will crumble when the storms of life come? A king in Jesus’ lineage named Jehoshaphat helps us discover the truth!

Flawed But Chosen - Part 3

February 14, 2021 • Susan Hageman

Ruth is an unlikely heroine in the story line of the Messiah. Her unforeseen romance with Boaz sets the stage for a future neither of them could imagine. Join us for a new take on a beautiful love story that goes beyond dating and marriage, from death and tragedy to birth and eternal joy!

Flawed But Chosen - Part 2

February 7, 2021 • Randy Hageman

It may not be surprising to us to see women named in Jesus’ genealogy, but in a time when women had no rights, it was startling! But this wasn’t the only thing that would seem to disqualify them, as we’ll see today. And yet, God used them, and it shows us that God uses unlikely, even damaged people, to do His work, both in biblical times, but also today, too!

Flawed But Chosen - Part 1

January 31, 2021 • Randy Hageman

The first name in Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus is Abraham. He’s certainly one of the most significant individuals in the Old Testament, but his life also gives us insights into God’s greater purposes, especially through His Son Jesus Christ. In fact, in Abraham we see significant New Testament themes that are often overlooked in the Old Testament.

Flawed, But Chosen - Introduction

January 24, 2021 • Randy Hageman

Matthew begins his Gospel with, of all things, a genealogy. It probably seems like the most boring, unimportant beginning anyone could write. But is it? Or does Matthew help us see an even bigger picture about the way God works in the world, both in biblical times and today. It may seem strange that a list of names could mean something, but God has some big surprises for you!