Love Unleashed

You were created to make a difference.  Each of us can literally unleash life, light, hope, and love in our homes, schools, workplaces, community, and in our world every day. Let’s discover together how we can be people who KNOW God’s promises, and live lives full of power, passion and purpose!

Promotion Sunday 2019

Today we celebrate back-to-school with food, fun and an open house for our kids and students. We invite everyone to visit our children’s and student areas during our Open House after service. We want our kids & parents to visit their new rooms & meet their leaders. But today is not just about our ki

Back to the Basics

Right on the Money

Does God care about our finances? And... can He help us with our finances?

Family: Where am I Standing?

If we look around us, it appears that families are coming apart at the seams. This morning we will explore God’s Word to discover His desire for all families. So, if you’re a family of one, two, three, four or more, let’s see what words God has for us today.

Summer Kids Club Celebration Sunday

Today, our kids will shine God’s love in this place as they lead us in worship, and give us a glimpse at all they’ve been learning this week.

Happy Father's Day

Mother's Day

God Never Said That

It’s easy to offer little nuggets of advice, support or sympathy. We have a lot of things we like to say to help someone feel better. But, are these little “nuggets” actually true, or are they just easy to say? Is it just possible that “God Never Said That”?

The Road to Hope

The events leading to the crucifixion, death & resurrection of Jesus

The God I Never Knew

The Holy Spirit is still able to work through us today.

New Year, On the Right Track!

The Hand that Holds the Future

Going into 2019 with confidence


In this series we "unwrap" the meaning behind our Christmas traditions. We'll address how Christians "hijacked" past culture and reimagined it in a way that celebrates Christ. As we see more and more of Christ being removed from the Christmas season, let's root ourselves in traditions that matter, a


Forgiveness is a God-given power over the enemy designed to RELEASE us from the sin, pain and brokenness that interferes with God’s best for us. Join us in this series as we learn what it means to experience the sweet RELEASE of forgiveness!


God’s message of love and salvation isn’t limited to those who attend church or seem to be good people. God is relentless in seeking to share His love with every person on this planet and desires all to come to faith in Him through Jesus Christ.

It's a Mad, Mad World

So much of the world around us seems mad – as in angry – and mad – as in even, at times, crazy

Dive In

Spiritual practices that can move us from poolside to fully immersed in our faith - Begins Jul 8

Building Successful Relationships

Sermon Series

Hope Rising

Sermon Series


Sermon Series