Flawed But Chosen

The Imperfect Road to Redemption

Keeping the Main Thing THE MAIN THING

Come Home for Christmas at Gateway

Giving Thanks? Really.

Thanksgiving 2020

I Am A Saint


He Would Love First

The Heat is On!

Issues of Politics and Race

Contagious Love

Spreading God's Love!

Abounding in Hope


The Miracles of God

A Super Father's Day!

Sunday June 21st

Dealing With My Emojis

Coping with emotions & feelings

New Normal

Trusting God through disruption and change

Fear Not

What if Jesus...?

A look at significant points in the life of Jesus, and asking, "What if Jesus...?"

Heaven on Earth

What would it take to make Heaven a reality on earth?

Welcome to Your Journey

All of life is a journey, and that includes our spiritual journeys as we walk with Christ, day-in and day-out. And so, Jesus and the Bible show us a number of practices or spiritual disciplines that God’s people have always used to help them walk with God. Some are individual, and some are empowered


The Wonder of Christmas

Without Christmas we’d never fully know the wonder of God’s love. Join us Sundays in December and be amazed at the story we’ve heard so many times before. There’s more here than meets the eye.

Under Pressure

Overcoming the Weight of Stress and Anxiety

Love Unleashed

You were created to make a difference.  Each of us can literally unleash life, light, hope, and love in our homes, schools, workplaces, community, and in our world every day. Let’s discover together how we can be people who KNOW God’s promises, and live lives full of power, passion and purpose!