What if Jesus...?

A look at significant points in the life of Jesus, and asking, "What if Jesus...?"

What if Jesus Didn't Rise from the Dead?

Easter Sunday • April 12, 2020 • Randy Hageman

What if Jesus had NOT died on the cross?

Good Friday Message • April 10, 2020 • Susan Hageman

What if Jesus Wasn't Recognized as King on Palm Sunday?

April 5, 2020 • Randy Hageman

What if Jesus Didn't Invite Disciples to Follow Him?

What, or who, has had the biggest influence on your spiritual journey? • March 26, 2020 • Randy Hageman

What If Jesus...Gave Into Satan's Temptation

What if Jesus....? • March 22, 2020 • Randy Hageman

What If Jesus....Wasn't Born to a Virgin?

What if Jesus...? • March 8, 2020 • Randy Hageman

The beginning point for Jesus’ life and ministry here on earth was his birth, and the established message is that he was born to a virgin, his mother Mary. But some have questioned that or said it didn’t really matter. Is there any truth to their claims? What difference does it make if Jesus was born to a virgin? What does this Biblical teaching tell us today about Jesus?