Dive In - Pt. 1

July 8, 2018 • Randy Hageman • My Story - Karen Higginbotham & Tony Go

The Bible is God's own self-revelation of Himself and His love for us. So, if we want to "Dive In" as disciples of Jesus Christ, we have to spend time studying the Bible. Whether in small groups, worship services, or time alone with God. He reveals his love, His will, His laws, His purpose for our lives. Whether you;re new to the Bible or have read it for years, today we'll explore ways to study that can help you grow in your faith.

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Dive In - Pt. 4 • July 29, 2018 • Betsy Burke

Worship - It’s an industry all its own with concerts, merchandise and the bands we follow. But it was never intended to create any kind of following at all. Worship God’s way involves obedience, sacrifice, and total adoration of the One who saves us. It is not simply the music portion of Sunday services, but a personal practice of intentionally loving God.


Dive In - Pt. 3 • July 22, 2018 • Randy Hageman

Giving: Probably the most quoted verse in the Bible, John 3:16, says, “God so loved the world that He gave….” Giving is fundamental to who God is, giving us Creation, our very lives, Jesus Christ and eternity with Him for those who put their faith in Him. Therefore, giving is not only how we live as disciples of Jesus Christ, but it’s also how we grow in our trust of God and find contentment in His plan for our lives.


Dive In - Pt. 2 • July 15, 2018 • Randy Hageman

Every relationship requires good two-way communication. In our relationship with God, He has clearly spoken and revealed Himself through the Bible, but prayer allows us to speak to Him, as well as hear from Him. But prayer is even more than communication – it’s entering into a personal, intimate relationship with the God who created us. It’s sharing our lives with Him, living in constant awareness of Him with us and for us.