The Hand that Holds the Future

Going into 2019 with confidence

December 30, 2018 • Tom Louis

Throughout the Bible, the “hand of the LORD” represents God’s power, His actions, His blessings and more. Because the LORD is eternal, He also holds the future. As you enter 2019, go forward with confidence by knowing the One whose hand you are in.

Step Out Of The Boat

Father's Day • June 16, 2019 • Randy Hageman

Too often we settle for too little in our lives. Yet, our world, our workplaces, our neighbors, even our families, need to see Jesus in us. And on this Father’s Day, men and dads have been given by God big roles in all these places to show Jesus wherever they find themselves. This can be scary for many guys – as well as women and children – and many have neglected their leadership roles. Yet, Jesus calls us to trust him and take a step out of the boat, to go where others haven’t. It may seem impossible, but one thing’s for sure – no one ever walked on water who didn’t at least take that first step out of the boat! It’s miraculous what is possible when we keep our eyes on Jesus!

God Never Said That - Pt. 6 - Doubt is a Sin

June 9, 2019 • Tom Louis

At times, what we believe about God doesn’t seem to match our expectations and experiences. These occasions cause us to question & even doubt what God is doing. John the Baptist had doubts, even though he had announced the arrival of Jesus as the Messiah. Today see learn that God welcomes our doubts & calls us to a deeper level of faith & experience.

God Never Said That - Pt. 5 - Christianity is a Crutch

June 2, 2019 • Randy Hageman

Occasionally a person disdainful of Christianity will announce that Christianity is nothing more than a crutch for the weak minded. This claim is an attempt to dismiss the value of and hope for faith in Jesus Christ. But is there any truth to this claim? Are we weak and lacking strength and using Christianity to compensate for our shortcomings? Today we’ll explore this claim to see what God, our Creator, says.