Lovin' The Law

A Command and a Promise

August 7, 2022 • Pastor Logan Ames

Several years ago, in a speech that has since become a popular Facebook meme and saying, NBA star Kevin Durant, who had just won the league's MVP award, spent a considerable amount of time talking about his mother and what she had meant to him, then declared to her, "You da real MVP". It's incredibly important for all of us, regardless of what levels of success or failure we reach in life, to remember and honor those who gave us life, who provided for our needs and gave us opportunities. God put all of those people in our paths, and He began first and foremost by choosing which parents He wanted for us. While we've all experienced some form of pain at the hands of our parents, God commands us to honor them. Why? Because it's not really about them in the first place; it's about Him! This week at Friendship, we'll dig into the 5th of the Ten Commandments in a message titled "A Command and a Promise". What is the promise if we honor our fathers and mothers, and what happens if we don't? These questions and more will be answered as we look at the bigger picture regarding family relationships. Join us over the weekend as we address this very important topic.

Remembering God

July 31, 2022 • Associate Pastor Ben Sorbello

When you read the word "Sabbath", what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Sunday? Black Sabbath? For me, it was Sunday, followed by "Sunday Bloody Sunday", the U2 song. So, I started to think about that song and why it was written and found out a few things. It turns out the song was written to bring attention to the Bogside massacre of January 30th,1972, during which British troops fired on 26 civilians, killing 14 of them. All of the deceased were Christians. So maybe suffering and sacrifice can be a part of how we define the Sabbath. As we expose the 4th Commandment this weekend at Friendship Community Church, we will be letting the Holy Spirit of God reveal to us what it is and why we should be following it. He does COMMAND US to follow it! Are we listening to Our Father, Jesus our Lord, King, Brother, and Savior, and the Holy Spirit of God that dwells inside of us to guide our steps? Take a few days before you come to worship with your church family and think about this 4th Commandment, and be prepared to be challenged regarding your beliefs about the Sabbath in your Faith Journey to the Cross! Do you LOVE THIS LAW?

Something About That Name

July 24, 2022 • Pastor Logan Ames

What's in a name? Well, I guess that depends on whose name it is. I know people who named their children after celebrity musicians or athletes who are here today and gone tomorrow. I even know one man who named is son "Shea" after the former New York Mets stadium - a stadium for crying out loud! And it doesn't even exist anymore. Some put a lot of thought and effort into picking their children's names, while others just pick something. According to legend (from my parents because I was not yet even 2 years old and thus do not remember), they did not have a name picked out for my baby brother when he was born. It wasn't their fault because they believed he would be a girl and were ready with a girl's name. However, when he surprised them, he was nameless for several days until a nurse brought a list of baby names in and they simply selected "Jordan" from that list. God had a hand in it though, as it carries Biblical significance. Whatever we think about human names, God's Name is so important for those who follow Him that we are commanded to treat it with the utmost reverence. There's just "Something About That Name". This week at Friendship, we'll be talking about the 3rd of The Ten Commandments, which deals with the misuse of God's holy name. Maybe you've never thought this matters, but be assured that God takes it very seriously. We'll talk about the common ways we break it, as well as the consequences if we remain in it and the grace if we repent and abandon it. Don't miss this very important and relevant message for today!

Generational Impact

July 17, 2022 • Pastor Logan Ames

We all have a tendency to bemoan the fact that life isn't fair. We don't all have the same advantages in upbringing, culture, family, experiences, or wealth. Some suffer more than others. While we complain about this, we also understand that all who call on the name of the Lord with humility and repentance can be saved, no matter where they come from or what they've had to endure. Through salvation in Jesus, God has leveled the field, so that those who had favorable circumstances and those who had unfavorable circumstances have the same access to eternal life, and the same requirements to attain it. We can recognize how our past has helped define and develop us, while realizing that our future is determined by God. This week at Friendship, we'll talk about the "Generational Impact" of our choices and the choices made before our time. We'll do this in connection with the 2nd Commandment, which prohibits the worship of any idol or image we might create to represent God. He promises that such choices will impact future generations, both positively and negatively. We will also be joined by the choir from New Life for Girls for music and testimony. This will be a powerful weekend for those suffering from the effects of others' decisions as well as their own. We urge you not to miss it!

No Other Gods

July 10, 2022 • Pastor Logan Ames

Ronald Reagan once said, "Law and freedom must be indivisible partners. For without law, there can be no freedom, only chaos and disorder; and without freedom, law is but a cynical veneer for injustice and oppression". When God brought the Israelites out of captive Egypt, where they had been forced to adhere to unjust and oppressive laws, the people experienced something they never had before - freedom. When sinful human beings don't know what to do with freedom, it can be a very dangerous thing. Chaos threatens to destroy the nation before it even begins. But laws are necessary within any society to govern the conduct of the people toward one another and toward authority. For the Israelites, God saw fit to give them laws, ten of which were written directly by Him onto stone tablets. You know them as the Ten Commandments, and they were given to establish a standard of behavior for the people to follow as they related to God and to each other. This week at Friendship, we begin our new sermon series based on these commandments to examine how they instruct our morality still today as followers of Jesus Christ. We may not be under the law as Israel was, but God is unchanging in His holiness. We will talk about what it means to fear Him, to cast off idols, and walk in righteousness. Join us for this very important first step back toward Biblical morality!