Saving Your Marriage with Love and Respect (Part 2 of 2)

Part 2 of 2

November 14, 2019 • Lisa Shea

Lisa Shea was devastated after experiencing a brief marriage that ended in divorce when she was in her mid-20s. When she later married Mike Shea, she thought she had found “Mr. Right.” But after a few years, and a few kids, they seemed to hate each other. Lisa shares how a co-worker helped her find a relationship with Jesus Christ, and shared Emerson Eggerich’s Love & Respect principles with her.

Raising Sons to Be Honourable Men

October 18, 2021 • Robert Lewis

Robert Lewis shares a vision of manhood for father and son in terms of knighthood. Growing up with a poor relationship with his father, Pastor Lewis expresses how a man can change patterns for his sons and live by God’s code of conduct. You’ll learn how ceremony and legacy play a role in the impact you have on your son.

Keeping Your Family Healthy

October 15, 2021 • Dr. Scott James

Dr. Scott James, a pediatric infectious disease specialist, talks about good health habits for your family. Also, based on his book God Cares for Me, he explains how parents can help their young children trust in God when they’re sick.

The Timeless Truth of Christ

October 14, 2021 • Ellie Lofaro

Proverbs 31 portrays a woman of noble character who, despite life's hardships, "can laugh at the days to come." How can you be full of joyful confidence, no matter what problems you face? Author and speaker Ellie Lofaro delivers a humorous message with a serious theme as she talks about being an "overcomer" - someone who can triumph over any of life's challenges with God's help.