Who is Jesus? and Why Should I Care?

The Method Modeled by the Master

My Father and Yours

Tearing Down Walls

Until the Whole World Hears

Prayer Dare Introduction

Journey through the Gospel of Luke: 30-days of meditations on the life of Jesus. When developing a habit of prayer, it is helpful to have a plan to fall back on. This prayer dare provides a plan that guides you through the Gospel of Luke. The stories of the Gospels can provide a great springboard for our prayer. In it, you will follow the narrative of the Gospel tracing the life of Jesus from his birth to his death and resurrection.

Prayer Dare Day 30

Rejoice in the resurrection. Jesus has left the earth, but has entrusted His mission to you. How is God calling you to proclaim His kingdom?

Prayer Dare Day 29

Imagine yourself walking with Jesus like these two disciples. What does He reveal to you?

Prayer Dare Day 28

Imagine the hope of hearing about the risen Jesus. Where do yo need to have more hope?

Prayer Dare Day 27

Enter in the sadness of Jesus's death. What was it like for His first followers? For Mary? Allow Jesus's death to inspire you to be sorry for your sins.

Prayer Dare Day 26

Spend time meditating on the cross. What does Jesus say to you from the cross?

Prayer Dare Day 25

Put yourself in the scene: Are you like the crowd? Like Jesus?

Prayer Dare Day 24

How have you denied Jesus? Are you afraid of being known as a committed Catholic?

Prayer Dare Day 23

Thank Jesus for enduring temptation for your sake. How do you need Jesus's help to accept the will of the Father?

Prayer Dare Day 22

How is the Lord asking you to be devoted to Him in the Eucharist? Are you receiving Jesus with devotion? Could you add a daily Mass to your schedule?

Prayer Dare Day 21

How do you need to persevere in prayer? Is there an aspect of your life that you have stopped bringing to God?

Prayer Dare Day 20

How are you like the Prodigal Son? How are you like the Older Brother? Receive the Father's embrace, and meditate deeply on the words, "all that is mine is yours."

Prayer Dare Day 19

Do not worry. Offer your anxieties to Jesus. What part of your life is Jesus asking you to give to Him?

Prayer Dare Day 18

Has your practice of the faith become legalistic in some way? How is God asking you to grow interiorly? Are any of your devotional practices for show rather than love of God?

Prayer Dare Day 17

Pray the Our Father with devotion. Do you really believe that God will provide for you as a loving Father? When you pray, do you trust that God's will is best for you?

Prayer Dare Day 16

Take extra time to be with Jesus. Surrender your daily cares to Him. Don't get lost in busyness. Sit at His feet and listen.