On Earth as in Heaven


Principles & Interests

February 18, 2024 • Nathan Logsdon • Luke 11:4, Romans 6:23

Trapped by money & possessions? Dave Ramsey quote/stat? Practicing generosity rewires and rewrites trust in the freedom God offers us. Forgiving yourself from financial foolishness (everyone has been young and not the epitome of wisdom relating to money…welcome to the club). Don’t stay there! Practice the freedom Christ gives to us by trusting him through giving back. Identifying your temptation is easy when you look at where your first and best goes.

More than enough for everyone, everyday

February 11, 2024 • Kevin Brimner • Luke 11:3, John 6, Exodus 6

Generosity is a practice of trust in God’s provision to take care of our basic needs EVEN as we are engaging in giving financially to the collective work of his kingdom. Through each of us prayerfully asking God to use our gifts we see more accomplished through a community of generosity. The impact is experienced at a very personal prayerful individual level (100% engagement) AND celebrated at the community level ($5.92 million as our target). Nostalgia might lead to amnesia (the good ol’ days weren’t always good) which results in our gratitude for the present gifts of God decreasing.

Father's Kingdom is Coming!

February 4, 2024 • Kevin Brimner • Luke 11:1–2, Matthew 6:9–10

Feb ‘23 began a 2-year unfinished generosity discipleship journey so that we might lean into trusting God. Following Abraham’s story (Gen 12) we learned God’s mission is to bless us and in turn we are to use those blessings to bless others.  Prayer is centering and central to partnering with God’s mission. Generosity is anchored to the character of the Father. Hallowed. Active. Advancing. Matthew records a phrase that pulls all this together when Jesus highlights God’s will, “on earth as in heaven.” Prayer is definitely a course of action when it comes to generosity, but the Father is the cause of action for giving.