"Life is Go(o)d!" Sermon Series

Although we acknowledge that many of the hurts and the hardships of 2020 and 2021 will still be with us in 2022, we begin this new year claiming the abundant, good life found in God. Life is God, Life is Good!

"Presents from the Prophets"

Advent Sermon Series

“All Things Bright and Beautiful” Sermon Series

This sermon series is based on the hymn of the same title where the wonderful words of that hymn remind us of our calling to be good stewards of all that God has generously provided. Our talents, our families, our privilege, our time, our earth, our finances, and more are ours to “do all the good we

"Running on Fumes" Sermon Series

This walk through the book of James as well as the three “simple rules” of Methodism’s founder, John Wesley, will remind us who we are and what we are called do, not by our own strength, but by faith in Christ who lives in us.

Music from Worship

Music Presented During Worship at First UMC

"No Longer Strangers" Sermon Series

An eight-week series exploring what it looks like to live rooted in reconciliation, vertical and horizontal, with God and neighbor.

"God At Work" Sermon Series

A five-week walk through 1 and 2 Samuel that invites us to see God’s radical grace at work in unexpected ways.

Center Stage Concerts

Concerts at First UMC

"Surprised by the Savior!" Sermon Series

The new life offered by Jesus was surprising, even to those who were his closest followers. How can we embrace the joys and the challenges that come along with serving a Savior whose message of life, death and resurrection continues to surprise us today?

"There's An APP For That!" Sermon Series

Our Lenten sermon series based on the Awesome, Powerful Prayer found in the Gospel of Matthew and Luke.

"202WONDER" Sermon Series

Examining the questions and wonderings of people in the Gospel lessons which will help guide us as we seek to live and love in new ways in 2021.

Online Worship Archive

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"Ready, Set, Slow!" Sermon Series

In the midst acknowledging our yearning this past year for normalcy, how can we experience our faith, family and friends in new and life-giving ways? The Psalms will guide us on the journey.

"Not Normal" Sermon Series

This message series explores passages in the Gospel of Matthew in which Jesus pushed the boundaries of the status quo and challenged his followers to do the same.