A Story of Loyalty

1 Samuel 20

May 17, 2020 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. READ V.1-4 - DAVID GOES TO HIS FRIEND A. David Pours Out His Soul B. Jonathan Responds In Disbelief C. They Affirm Covenant & Hatch A Plan D. David Puts His Life In Jonathan’s Hands E. Jonathan Nearly Killed By His Own Father F. Jonathan Proves His Loyalty To David I. OBSERVE THE LOYALTY OF TWO FRIENDS A. Covenant - I Sam. 18:3-4 - Reaffirmed, Identity 1. Indissolubly Linked (Men In Fox Hole) B. Crisis, Challenged, Tests Are Inevitable 1. Stress, Opportunity To Walk Away C. Cost Of Loyalty > Risk, Courage - V.33 1. Surrender Of Self- Interest (Marriage) D. Confidence In Relationship - Pv.17:17 Loves 1. I CAN TRUST WITH MY PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE II. LOYALTY OF BELIEVERS > CHRIST HIDDEN STORY X David = Savior & Jon.= Church & Believers A. Covenant Between Us & Jesus - Lk.22:20 1. Do You Take Covenant Seriously? B. Crises & Challenges To Loyalty Plenteous 1. Mt.6:24 - “No Man” - Mt.10:35-39 Gospel Divides C. Cost Of Discipleship, Count - Lk.14:28 & 33 1. Doesn’t Cost Much, It Costs Everything D. Confidence In The Relationship - Rev.2:10 CLOSE: CONSIDER YOUR LOYALTY TO CHRIST A. Who Or What Has Become Your Master? B. How Far Does Your Loyalty To Jesus Go? C. Some This Frightens, Some It Appeals D. Which Are You? Is There A Stirring…?

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Life is Messy

1 Samuel 19 • May 10, 2020 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. BRIEFLY TELL STORY / SEVERAL LESSONS I. vs 1 - Inevitable Increase Of Sin A. Saul Began With Jealousy x Out Of Control 1. Hatred > Fear > Murder > Takes Action 2. Moved To Coercion > Corruption - Heb.12:15 B. Saul Reveals Progression of Sin - Ja.1:14-15 1. Where Sin Begin? In Heart, Sinful Desire A. ‘Drawn’ = Hunting Term x Builds A Trap B. ’Enticed’ = Fishing Term x Baits / Lure C. Lure Was ‘You Will Remain King’ II. DAVID ANOINTED AND HIS TROUBLES BEGAN A. Reality / Many Troubles, Righteous - Ps.34:19 1. Christian Life Is Not Easy 2. Christian Life Can Be Hard - Ii Tim.3:12 B. David > Gen.3:15 - His Death No Savior 1. Satan Hated David, Jesus and Followers III. GOD DELIVERED DAVID MANY WAYS - PS.34:19 A. vs 2 - J. Warn, - vs 4 - J. Advocated, - vs 10 - Evaded B. vs 12 - Michal Covered - vs 18 - Ran To Samuel / God C. vs 20 - Spirit Came Upon IV. GOD DELIVERS TODAY IN MANY, MANY WAYS A. x Communist Country Angel Delivered B. God Delivers His People In Many Ways 1. Never Limit God By Your Ideas / Expectation 2. Never Judge Way He Delivers Others 3. Put It This Way God Delivers On His Word CLOSE: THINK LIFE IS TOO MESSY / TOO MESSED UP? A. Follow Christ And He Will Deliver You

The Deliverance of God

I Samuel 18:17-30 • May 3, 2020 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. HAVE READ NOW SIMPLIFY THE PASSAGE A. Take It In Three Parts: B. Facts, Motives And Lessons Of Faith I. FACTS OF THE CASE A. Saul Breaks Original Promise >Daughter 1. Added Conditions - V.17 - ‘Go Fight Battles’ 2. Prior Condition, Singular Slay Goliath B. Second Promise – New Conditions, Set Trap 1. Michal > The Bait (David Killed In Battle) 2. Dowry 100 Foreskins Of Philistines II. MOTIVE BEHIND SAUL - 17,21,25 A. Not Concealed From God - Jer.17:9-10 B. Heb.4:12-13 - Intent Influences Judgment X Premeditated Murder V. Manslaughter X D Cell Battery, Windshield Shattered III. LESSONS FOR WHEN WE ARE IN TROUBLE: A. Satan Moves The Goal Post (Frequently) B. Satan Uses Bait For Traps x Michal C. Now The Good News: 1. Satan’s Plans Collapse - Ps.7:14-16 2. Satan And Minions Fear God & God N/Us X 3x “Lord Was With…” Lk.8 Gadarenes 3. God Vindicates Integrity - Ps.26:1-3 4. God Protects Righteous - Ps.34:19 CLOSE: GREAT BENEFIT IN FOLLOWING GOD A. Feel Like In David Situation? Trapped? B. In Danger? Walk With God/God Walk w/You C. Mt.5:43-45 - Sons Of Father

Two Stories in One

1 Samuel 18:5-14 • April 26, 2020 • Pastor John Wilson

I. vs 5-7 #1 CONTRAST BETWEEN TWO MEN / TWO PATHS A. David > Man After God - vs 13:14 - His Passion 1. Shepherd Boy Who Became Servant King 2. Wise, Accepted, Celebrated, Loved - vs 18:16 3. Wisdom Invites Presence Of God B. vs 8-13 - Saul Turned Back – vs 15:11 Devoid Of God: 1. Angry, Jealous, Distressed, Prophesied 2. Murderous, Fear, Removed x Cain & Able 3.Saul Ran From God, Miserable x Jonah 4. Misery Due To Turning Back From God II. #2 DESTRUCTIVE POWER OF JEALOUSY - HEB.12:15 A. x Weeds: Roots, Nutrients, Leaves, Toxic 1. Many Have Spiritual Weeds In Our Lives 2. Tenacious – Grow & Survive Anywhere 3. Weed Is Bitter Grows To Hatred - I Jn.3:15 4. Weeds Need To Be Removed - vs 16:1 5. Saul Turning From God Brought Death III. #3 EACH HAS OWN STORY TO WRITE x NOVEL A. Many Chapters, Always One Turning Point B. What Chapter Are You In Right Now? C. David & Saul Each Had A Decisive Chapter D. Their Decision About God Was Huge E. Are You Satisfied With Your Story? F. You Can Write Whatever Chapter You Want x Tragedy, Overcoming, Quest, Rebirth G. May Not Like The Beginning But Chg. End