1 Samuel

Pits of Discouragement

1 Samuel 27 • September 20, 2020 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. READ CHAPTER 27 A. Pv.13:12 - “Hope Deferred” B. I Sam.26:19 - We See What Is Coming I. DAVID DISCOURAGED, HOPELESS, FAITH CRISIS A. No Longer Trusted God’s Promises B. Made A Bad Choice (No Dependence On God) 1. Did Not Rely On Righteous Means 2. Hid Among The Enemy (Believers The Same) C. Achish “Servant Forever” Voice Of Satan II. VERY IMPORTANT LESSONS: A. We Are Frail Creatures - I Cor.10:12 B. Discouragements Are Inevitable: 1. Call Seems Impossible 2. Lose Faith In God, In Purpose & Promises 3. Doubt God’s Plan & God’s Power C. Do Not Make Decisions When Discouraged 1. David Ran To Enemy D. Isolated Himself From Israel - Heb.10:25 1. Isolation Brings Compromise & Sin 2. Isolation Like Gravity, Must Resist E. Warning To Churches & Individuals 1. Do Not Attempt A Double Life - Ja.4:4 CLOSE: FOLLOW GODLY METHODS: 1. Simplicity, Ask The Right Questions 2. Stand On Truth, Be Truthful 3. Set Your Mind On Things Above 4. Pray Even When Discouraged 5. Wait On God Testimony

Making Choices

1 Samuel 26 • September 13, 2020 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO - vs 1-6 I. vs 7-8 - DAVID MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE A. vs 8 - Faces Second Temptation (deja vu) B. Could Have Behaved Opportunistically C. Faced Down Temptation - Ja.4:7 - “Resist…” D. Phil.2:12 - Christian Life Is ‘Progressive’ 1. Ro.8:29 - ‘Conformed’ Character/Behavior 2. Ii Cor.3:18 - Transformed II. vs 9-12 - DAVID PUTS SITUATION IN GOD’S HAND A. Saul Took Matters Into His Hands B. David Had: Motive, Means, Opportunity C. Why Did David Not Take Revenge? Action? 1. Respect For The Position / Authority 2. Not His Place - Ro.12:19-21 3. Not Overcome By Evil (No Bitterness) III. 18-25 I BELIEVE DAVID HAD A GREATER MOTIVE A. I Pet.4:8 - “Love Covers…” B. David Had No Desire To Do Harm To Saul C. Wanted To Understand Such Hatred D. vs 19 - Heart Broken > If Sinned Would Confess E. Your Life Valuable To Me - Phil.2:3 LESSONS FOR OUR LIVES TODAY: A. When Tempted Make Godly Choices 1. With Each Victory We Grow Stronger B. Grow In Godliness - Heb.6:1, Col.1:10 C. Let Love Guide Our Lives

Abigail: Wise Counselor

1 Sam 25 • August 30, 2020 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. SAMUEL HAS PASSED ON A. Recounting An Amazing True Story B. Three Main Characters: C. Crisis, Confrontation, Conformity I. vs 1-13 - THE CRISIS BROUGHT ABOUT BY NABAL A. Insults David Personally & Culturally B. David Reached A Breaking Point – All Do 1. Bad Time To Make Decisions See 21 & 22 II. vs 14-31 - CONFRONTATION > CRISIS GROWS A. Abigail Recognizes The Offence 1. Makes A Plan Moves Into Action B. vs 23- 24 - Critical Moment Meets David Esther C. Observe Her Behavior Closely (Appease) 1. vs 24 - First Move Is To Humble Herself 2. vs 24 - Asks Permission To Speak 3. vs 25 - Does Not Deny The Insult 4. vs 26 - Brings God Into Focus In The Situation 5. vs 27 - Bring Offering Late Mt.21: 28-31 6. vs 28 - Three Hard Words “Please Forgive Me” 7. vs 28 - God Make Your House Endure - I Jn.1:2 8. vs 28-29 - She Understood David 9. vs 29 – 30 - Encouraged His Faith/Faithfulness 10. vs 31 - Do Not Do Something You Will Regret III. vs 32-35 - DAVID RESPONDS TO ABIGAIL’S COUNSEL A. Blesses Abigail And Retreats

Opportunity Knocks

1 Samuel 24 • August 23, 2020 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. THE SITUATION: DAVID ESCAPED TO ENGEDI A. David’s Journey Difficult – Got Harder B. Purpose: God Producing A Shepherd King I. vs 1-7 - TEST > TRUSTING GOD IN ALL THINGS A. Opportunity Knocking At The Door B. David’s Men Tempted Him - Mt.16:23 C. Lessons In These Few Verses: 1. Do Not Be Led By The Crowd (Stand) 2. Use Wisdom Regarding Opportunities 3. Principles Over Opportunities 4. Lead Others To Do The Right Thing 5. Obeyed His Conscience Quickly II. vs 8-15 - SHOWS US HOW TO DEAL WITH INJUSTICE: A. 9 – Innocent Man 10 – Passive 11 – Proven B. 12 – God Will Judge 13 – Consider History C. 14 – Humility, 15 – I Will Trust In God D. Lessons: Trust God For Justice 1. Leave In The Hands Of God - Ro.12:21 2. Ja.2:13 - “Mercy Triumphs…” III. vs 16-22 - GOD’S WAYS ARE MYSTERIOUS!! A. Saul Emotionally Moved By Grace 1. Warning: No Evidence Of Repentance B. Declarations > Faith Produces Results C. Lesson: Know God Personally Thru Jesus CLOSE: PAY ATTENTION TO THE PRINCIPLES A. Put Your Trust In God (Jesus Christ) B. Go To The Stronghold (Jesus Christ)

Continued Persecution

1 Samuel 23:12-29 • August 16, 2020 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. THE SITUATION BACKGROUND INFO. Psalm 15:2 I. vs 12-15 - DAVID’S RESPONSE TO BETRAYAL A. No Complaint/Resentment/Condemnation 1. Why? Not Normal - Jer.17: 5,7 - Perspective B. Obeyed Even In Humiliation (Christ) C. Obedience = Fruit Of Trust Mt. 7:16-20 II. vs 16-18 - COMFORT FOLLOWS OBEDIENCE A. Jonathan Came & Strengthened David B. God Used A Faithful Friend - Pv.18:24 C. How? Spoke Words Of ‘Reminder’ Encourage III. vs 19-29 - CONDITIONS MAY NOT CHANGE/IMPROVE A. Saul Continues Relentless Pursuit B. God Delivers The Righteous - Ps.34:19 IV. MEANING? APPLICATION? A. Following Jesus Is Costly - Lk.14:25-33 B. Following Jesus Not About Us Modern Ch. C. Following Jesus Measured By Obedience 1. Not: Activity, Numbers, Approval Of Man 2. Motivated By Love - Jn.14:21,23 Ro.6:17 E. Jesus ‘First’ Above Ourselves - Jn.3:30 F. Wise To Renew Our Covenant With Jesus

Considering Circumstances

1 Samuel 23:7-13 • August 9, 2020 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. - I SAM.23:7-13 I. vs 7-8 - Saul’s Response To Circumstances A. Mistakenly Assumed God With Him - 16:1 & 14 B. Believed David Delivered To Him By God C. Blinded By Sin, Rebellion, Selfish Desires D. Took Action Based On False Assumption 1. Operating On Own View Of God (Idolatry) X Love X Cruel X Unfair X Salvation - Ex.20:3 II. vs 9-13 - DAVID’S RESPONSE TO CIRCUMSTANCES A. What He Could Have Thought: 1. Could Expect City Of Keilah To Protect 2. Could Assume God Had Deserted Him 3. Could Have Inquired Of Elders Of Keilah B. What He Did Is Example Re: Circumstances 1. Approached God Properly & Reverently 2. Calles For Abiathar (Ephod) A. God Of Israel 2x ‘Your Servant’ 3x 3. His Request Was Specific, Inquired Of God 4. Expected & Received Guidance - Ja.1:5 5. Based On Answer/Perspective Took Action III. LESSONS FOR US: A. Careful In Expectations Of People B. Circumstances Alone Not Reliable C. Our Understanding Is Incomplete D. God’s Knowledge/Guidance Is Perfect E. Retain Biblical View Of God (Idolatry) F. Exercise Caution In Discerning Will Of God 1. Word, Prayer, H.S., Listen, Obey

David Sought God's Will

1 Samuel 23:1-6 • July 26, 2020 • Pastor John Wilson

I. vs 1 - SITUATION KEILAH A BORDER TOWN WARNING A. Vulnerable > Lack Of Godly Leader B. King Saul Turned From Following God C. Satan Is An Opportunist - Jn.10:10 D. Leaders Fail, Innocent Suffer - Pv.29:2 x Governors, Mayors > Anarchy II. vs 2 - DAVID’S RESPONSE IS OUR EXAMPLE A. Saw Need And Souhgt Will Of God 1. ‘Need’ Does Not Constitute A Call 2. Good Intentions May Interfere W/ God 3. Self-Interest May Be Our Motive x Hero, Praise, Allegiance, Relationships B. vs 3-4 - Demonstrated Godly Leadership 1. Heard Concern Of His Men (Militarily) 2. Inquired Of God Once Again - Ja.1:5 3. Being Confirmed ‘Go’ They Committed x Once Confirmed Must Commit III. ALL AGREE SEEK WILL OF GOD HOW? A. Reject Temptation/Rationalization Need B. Recognize/Repent Of Self-Interest C. Practice Three W’s Of Discovering His Will 1. Want His Will Above Your Own 2. Will To Obey > Big Or Small a. Now Ready To Seek His Will 3. Wait With Real Expectation Of His Answer a. Prayer, Word, Spirit, Peace, Proceed

A Call to Loyalty

1 Samuel 22:20-23 • July 19, 2020 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. SAUL MURDERED PRIESTS, RAZED NOB A. Come To Relationship of Abiathar & David I. Facts: Abiathar Escapes Execution A. Priest & Anointed Both are Fugitives B. Brought Together by God (Providence) II. SYMBOLISM: CHRIST AND HIS CHURCH A. Persecuted From Beginning & Continues: X Last Week: 4 Churches Atacked, 2 Burned X Litigation, Scotus Decisions B. Col.1:24 - Complete…Lacking C. David & Abiathar = Loyalty to Each Other III. NATURE OF THE LORD’S CHURCH: A. Body of Jesus Christ - Col.1: 24 B. Jesus is Our Head/Leader - Eph.1: 22-23 C. We Are Righteous in Him - II Cor.5: 21 D. Indwelt by H.S. - I Cor.6: 19 - Animated By… E. Spiritual Gifts - I Cor.12:7 F. Joint Heirs With Jesus - Ro.8:16-17 G. Represent Christ Universally - Eph.3:9-10 IV. YOUR RESPONSE TO THE CHURCH? (HIS BODY) A. Careful Re: Attitude to Church - Acts 9:4-5 1. Saul Crossed Line: Reason, Emotion, Morality, Conscience B. Be Careful What You Say Re: Church C. Love the Body - Jn.13:34, Col.1:14 - ‘Put On’ D. Actively Show Allegiance to Jesus’ Body 1. Prayer, Material, Time, Loyalty CLOSE: RELATIONSHIP TO LOCAL BODY? A. Begins With Receiving Lord of the Church B. Call to Loyalty

How Did I Get Here?

1 Samuel 22:7-19 • July 12, 2020 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. STUDY DECLINE OF SAUL (WARNING TO US) A. Observe The Pattern Of Decline B. Recognize Consequences Severe / Increase C. Hopefully Avoid Them I. FIRST STEP: SPIRITUAL REJECTION OF GOD A. I Sam.15:11,22,23 - Choices Of King Saul B. Pv.8: 32-36 - ‘Sin Against Own Soul’ C. Soul: Intellect, Emotion, Will II. SECOND: 19:1 - SURRENDER OF REASON A. Ro.1:21 - ‘Became Futile In Thinking’ B. Grew Increasingly Irrational C. Finally Incapable Of Sound Judgment III. 22:7-8 - THIRD: EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE A. Ro. 1:21 - Hearts Darkened; Seat Of… 1. Mental, Emotional, Moral B. As His Decline Continued Observe: 1. He Became Jealous, Paranoid 2. Invented False Reality/Narrative: X Greed, ID Politics, Power, Division 3. Sought Allegiance To Self ‘Me’ 5 X IV. 9,11,18,19 - REPROBATE = UNPRINCIPLED A. Ro.1:28, I Tim. 4:2 - ‘Conscience Seared’ B. Moral Failure: Prisons, Culture CLOSE: CAN I ESCAPE THIS PATTERN / FATE? A. Eph.4:17 - Christian, Non- Christian B. Must Determine In Your Heart

Kingdoms in Conflict

I Samuel 22:1-5 • June 28, 2020 • Pastor John Wilson

I. HISTORIC SETTING A. National Israel Degenerated - Jer.2:11-13 Spiritually/Morally/Culturally/Politically B. King Saul > Tyrant Godless Government C. David & People In Great Distress II. OBSERVE SPIRITUAL PARALLELS A. Cave, David, People, Saul, Prophet Gad B. Two Kingdoms In Conflict (Age Long) III. SPEAK OF THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM A. Undercurrent Of Anger, Division, Rage Protests, Riots, Violence, Murder, Hate B. Satan’s Plan To Rule The World - Rev.13:7-8 1. Mt.24:8 Sorrow / Lk.21:25 Distress C. Tactic: Marxism - Mt.24:12 - Lawlessness 1. Mob Rule: Burn Cities, Churches, Statues 2. “Kneel Or We Will Burn It Down” IV. HOW DID WE GET HERE? A. Ed., Moral, Culture, Family, $$, Gvt. Race B. 1928 Communists – Identity Politics/Divide 1. Actual Street Fighting Chaos To Control 2. Goal: New Man/World Order (Totalitarian) 3. Anti-Christ Will Step In 4. Groups Predominantly Marxist Ideology CLOSE: BEST TO DISCERN THE TIME - I PET.5:8 A. Be Certain Your Relationship To Jesus B. Live For Eternity (He Is Coming) C. Determine To Make Your Stand - Eph.6:13 D. Pray For A Great Awakening

In the Hand of God - part 2

1 Samuel 22:1-3 • June 21, 2020 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. ALL DESIRE BLESSINGS, ETERNAL SPRING A. David > From Fame And Favor To Fugitive B. Fled To Cave Of Adulam - Numerous Caves 1. Known As ‘Stronghold’, ‘Refuge’ C. David Was Running From His Enemy D. Cave Was In God’s Plan All Along (Lesson) E. We Often Misunderstand God’s Ways I. DAVID WAS IN SURVIVAL MODE A. He Escaped Then Hid In A Cold Dark Place 1. Distressed, Discouraged, Doubt, Dejected B. He Was Alone - Jacob Alone - Gn.32:24 C. Exactly Where God Wanted Him II. DAVID HAD NO IDEA WHAT GOD WAS DOING A. Preparing David For His Destiny As King B. Everything David Cherished Taken Away: 1. Position, Friend, Wife, Security, Identity 2. All Barriers Between Him And God Gone C. Frightening & Horribly Confusing Time 1. David Came To Grips With God And Self X Testimony “ What Do You Want From Me?” D. “All I Want Is You” Successes And Failures E. Door Open For David,For Us Knowing God 1. Ps.13, Ps.142 - Raw “… Only Works From….” III. WE ALL HAVE CAVE TIME IN OUR FUTURE A. Good News: God’s Best Work Often In Caves X Joseph, Elijah, Jeremiah, Jesus Tomb B. Great News: Emerge A Different Person C. Transformation, Identity, Accept Jesus D. Ps.34:18 - ‘Crushed Spirit’ New Wine

In the Hand of God

I Samuel 21:9-15 • June 14, 2020 • Pastor John Wilson

ANOINTED OF GOD > EXILE, BEGGAR, FUGITIVE A. Begging Bread And A Sword 1. Provision & Warning Weapons Of Warfare B. Presence Of Doeg – Life Going South I. WONDER GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING? A. God’s Plan Appears Counter To Promises 1. Often The Case X Dream/Expectation Dies B. All Is In God’s Hands - Is.55:8-9 C. God Is Preparing Us - II Cor.4:17 X God Uses Affliction X Texas Curb > South D. His Design Was To Strengthen Me For His: 1. Develop My Faith: Do Will, For His Glory, E. Be Patient In Trials - Ps.62:5 II. DAVID’S ATTEMPT TO DELIVER HIMSELF: A. Almost Made A Fatal Mistake (Backfired) B. Many Believers Do Exactly The Same Thing 1. Ran To The Camp Of The Enemy (Fugitive) C. Many Believe Life Unfair & Give Up / Give In 1. Excuse: Run To World For Asylum / Comfort D. World Not Our Friend > Use / Mock / Discard 1. No Safety In The Arms Of The World ***** III. DAVID MUST LEARN SAFETY IN GOD - PS.118:8-9 A. Lessons We All Must Learn (Diff. For All) B. Better To Be Alone Than w/World - Jer.15:17 C. We Are Never Alone - Mt.28:20 CLOSE: DO IT YOUR WAY OR HIS WAY?

The Shewbread

1 Samuel 21:3-6 • June 7, 2020 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. OBSERVE THE PATHWAY TO SHEWBREAD A. Must Look First At The Tabernacle B. Notice The Layout Of The Furniture I. ENTRY TO TABERNACLE WAS ON THE EAST SIDE A. Dawn Lit Altar Of Burnt Offering - Ex.27:1-2 1. Note: Fire Burned Continually - Lev.6:13 2. Covered In Bronze = Cross Of Jesus Christ 3. Lam.3:22-23 - “Mercies New Every Morning” B. Next Was The Bronze Laver - Ex.30:17-18 1. ‘Word’ - Eph.5:26, Heb.4:12, Ps.119:11 - “Thy…” C. Note: All Made Of Or Overlaid With Bronze II. NOW PREPARED TO ENTER THE HOLY PLACE A. No Natural Light, Lit By Golden Lampstand B. Table Of Shewbread > Acacia / Gold Overlay 1. Hb. = “Bread Of Face” = Bread Of Presence 2. This Bread = Jesus - Jn.6 3. Made Of ‘Fine’ Flour - Lev.24:5-9 - ‘Humanity’ 4. Twelve Loaves Topped With Frankincense X Enough For All - Mk.6:43 5. Replaced Every Sabbath 6. Food For The Priests - I Pet.2:9 7. Eaten – Not Wasted David Asked ‘5’ Grace CLOSE: FROM FORGIVENESS TO FELLOWSHIP A. Our Faith Not To Remain Static B. New Supply Every Week C. Requires Spiritual Disciplines: Cross, 1. Word, Worship, Prayer, Surrender, Obey

David the Fugitive

1 Samuel 21:1-2 • May 31, 2020 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. FROM NATIONAL HERO TO MOST WANTED A. Several Truths In This Episode … 1. Life Of Believer Is Not Easy - David 2. Many Battles To Fight Against Fear I. CHRISTIANS NOT FREE FROM TROUBLE - PS.34:19 A. Believers Often Suffer Conflict For Faith 1. II Tim.3:12, Heb.11:37-40, I Pet.1:6-7 B. Believers Often Stand Alone 1. Jesus > Mk.14:50 - & Paul > II Tim.4:16 2. Standing Alone Is Hard & Dangerous 3. Become Weak & Give In To Fear - David II. FEAR HAS GREAT POWER TO OVERWHELM US A. Truth: All Fear Pain & Suffering (Human) 1. Fear Causes Us To Doubt God’s Care For Us 2. Fear Urges Us To Self-Reliance - I Sam.19:11 3. Confusion, Bad Choices, Consequences B. Many > II Tim.1:7 - (Be Cautious Here) Covid III. TWO WAYS TO DEAL WITH FEAR (SIMPLE MAN) A. Reactive: Reflex, Instinct, Survival, Panic B. Responsive: Jesus’ Way - Lk.22:42-43 1. Recovered His Mind > “Sound Mind” Meaning: Judgment, Thought Patterns, Control 2. Faith + Reason + Truth 3. Faced His Fears With Father Truthfully CLOSE: WHAT ARE WE TO DO WHEN WE ARE AFRAID? A. Pray Never Alone, Don’t Doubt God’s Love B. Resist Making Choices Based On Fear C. Try To Turn First To The Lord Jesus

A Story of Loyalty

1 Samuel 20 • May 17, 2020 • Pastor John Wilson

INTRO. READ V.1-4 - DAVID GOES TO HIS FRIEND A. David Pours Out His Soul B. Jonathan Responds In Disbelief C. They Affirm Covenant & Hatch A Plan D. David Puts His Life In Jonathan’s Hands E. Jonathan Nearly Killed By His Own Father F. Jonathan Proves His Loyalty To David I. OBSERVE THE LOYALTY OF TWO FRIENDS A. Covenant - I Sam. 18:3-4 - Reaffirmed, Identity 1. Indissolubly Linked (Men In Fox Hole) B. Crisis, Challenged, Tests Are Inevitable 1. Stress, Opportunity To Walk Away C. Cost Of Loyalty > Risk, Courage - V.33 1. Surrender Of Self- Interest (Marriage) D. Confidence In Relationship - Pv.17:17 Loves 1. I CAN TRUST WITH MY PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE II. LOYALTY OF BELIEVERS > CHRIST HIDDEN STORY X David = Savior & Jon.= Church & Believers A. Covenant Between Us & Jesus - Lk.22:20 1. Do You Take Covenant Seriously? B. Crises & Challenges To Loyalty Plenteous 1. Mt.6:24 - “No Man” - Mt.10:35-39 Gospel Divides C. Cost Of Discipleship, Count - Lk.14:28 & 33 1. Doesn’t Cost Much, It Costs Everything D. Confidence In The Relationship - Rev.2:10 CLOSE: CONSIDER YOUR LOYALTY TO CHRIST A. Who Or What Has Become Your Master? B. How Far Does Your Loyalty To Jesus Go? C. Some This Frightens, Some It Appeals D. Which Are You? Is There A Stirring…?