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Know Your Lane

Do you know your mission field? • November 17, 2019 • Pastor Joe Coudriet

How do I bring my gift because essentially these are the three mission fields in society. What you are doing when you are considering a career, a job, a vocation or an area of interest, you are picking a mission field and the mission field you pick is dependent upon one very important word. It is the word, MOTIVE.

We are the Salt of the Earth!

Well? Are We? • November 10, 2019 • Pastor Joe Coudriet

Well? Are we? How are we to both be 'called out from them,' and still function in a world where a violent clash exists between the way it is and the clear command of scripture. He has made a way...and it's not the first time He made it possible to prosper and use His people in a 'clash.'

What's Your Story?

The testimony of Christ in your life is the most powerful weapon you have. • November 3, 2019 • Pastor Joe Coudriet

In Revelation Chapter 12 Jesus tells us that the enemy is defeated by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. Our life in Him starts with Jesus's shed blood but it continues with our testimony, our story. Has your life changed as you've grown in Christ? Can you describe it? Would it inspire others? We're going to look at the power of our testimony today with "What's Your Story?"

Beware of Ravenous Wolves

A wolf in sheep's clothing is a wolf. • October 27, 2019 • Pastor Joe Coudriet

In the book of Acts, Jesus said; "...that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock." Who were those wolves and who are they today? We can look at what Jesus had to say to the churches of Ephesus and Pergamos, to find out.

Saving Those Sliding

October 20, 2019 • Pastor Joe Coudriet

Outside of the right environment and conditions any believer can fall susceptible to 'backsliding' away from the passion they once felt for Christ. And while salvation is assured for those truly in Christ, a life apart from His regular presence is a prescription for spiritual 'shipwreck.'

Worship 101

The Foundation of Worship • October 11, 2019 • Pastor Ron King Jr.

Everyday Worship

Worship in Today's Culture • October 12, 2019 • Pastor Mike Williams

Worship/Restored Soul

October 12, 2019 • Pastor Colby Sutter

Worship Beyond The Stage

October 12, 2019 • Pastor Manuelo West

The Blessings of Worship

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow. • October 13, 2019 • Pastor Joe Coudriet

When our hearts are focused on God and our actions and thanks align with that focus, that's worship. When the entire body of Christ does that, it's corporate worship and the result is an unleashing of the blessings of God. In this message, The Blessings of Worship, we'll look at what happens when His people truly worship.

Part-Time Believer, Full-Time God

Serving God full-time should be every believers business. • October 6, 2019 • Pastor Joe Coudriet

There's no cheap heaven, and there's no safety in a part-time relationship with God. The example and the direction that we receive from the Bible calls for a full-time engagement with Him after our heartfelt profession of faith. Anything short of that exposes us to being shipwrecked in our faith, at the least foundering, at the worst, dead upon the rocks of apostasy. Thanks be to God who has given us the victory in Christ Jesus.

Ambitious Faith

September 29, 2019 • Pastor Colby Sutter

How can serving a lunch change your life forever? This world is plagued with Christians who have inactive faith we need to learn how to stand out by having ambitious faith. Today we will examine the fact that what we do daily either adds or subtracts from our faith. We will also learn a secret principle in life that allows God to direct our steps so we can have ambitious faith.

Are YOU ready?

Are you prepared for the assault the devil has underway against your faith? • September 22, 2019 • Pastor Joe Coudriet

Make no mistake about it; our faith is in a clash with the culture all around us. BUT, this isn't new, or a surprise for those that know God and His Word. The question is; "Are you prepared for the assault that the devil has underway already against your faith?" A better question might be simply; "Are YOU ready?" Well, are you? You can be if you learn to be reliant upon the Lord and His Word. 'The weapons of our warfare aren't carnal...they are might in God.' So, quit trying to argue with the world around you and get your head out of the sand if need be. It's time to engage, get out of the pews and into the game.

He Restoreth My Soul

September 15, 2019 • Pastor Dawn Coudriet

Look at the life of King David. A man 'after God's heart,' and yet often filled with contradiction and pain. As David looked back over a lifetime and wrote what we know as the 23rd Psalm, he was comforted by a lifetime of love from the Father. Always there. Always comforting. Always restoring his soul. Listen as Pastor Dawn Coudriet shares the heart of God for all of His children.

Trust but Verify

September 8, 2019 • Pastor Joe Coudriet

Trust, once broken, can be very hurtful and difficult to recover from. In this message, Trust but Verify, Pastor Joe Coudriet talks about God's heart on the matter and provides practical ways in which trust can be restored...and measured.

Hot Topics

Having the difficult discussions that you need to have. • September 1, 2019 • Pastor Joe Coudriet

In this message Pastor Joe Coudriet continues the Soul Priority series by looking at constructive ways to have potentially destructive conversations about difficult subjects.

Fair Fight

If the fight's for unity, then it's a fair fight. • August 25, 2019 • Pastor Joe Coudriet

Nothing can be more divisive than an unfair fight and whether it is in marriage, with children or with your brothers and sisters in Christ, division can keep you from pursuing the will of God. There is a way to fight fair, however, and a commitment to the motivation, methods and outcomes of a fair fight can keep the devil out and you on the path that Christ has for you.

The Fix

You're not helpless when helping an addict. • August 18, 2019 • Pastor Joe Coudriet

Regardless of the addiction, those coping with a friend or loved one in addiction struggles with what to do. The addict is always looking for their next 'fix;' whether it's a drug high, a porn, food, alcohol or other addiction. But, God's Word can help guide and lead you to a place where you can present the greatest 'fix' of all.

Addicts All Around

There's no escaping it. • August 11, 2019 • Pastor Joe Coudriet

There are addicts all around. We often think of drug addicts but what about alcoholics? Rage addicts? Sex addicts? Pornography addicts? What about 'pleaseaholics,' and so many more. No matter what the drug of choice, each shares something in common. If you're an addict, know an addict or live with an addict, today can be a new beginning!

Waltzing Matilda

It's time to learn another dance • August 4, 2019 • Pastor Joe Coudriet

There's a dance that often takes place in relationships and whether those relationships are in the context of marriage, family, friends or other associates, it is one that needs to be dropped. The thing that makes the dance so awkward and 'out of step' is that it is often driven by fear. It's time to learn a new dance; one in which both 'partners' win!

Men and Women are Different

As if you didn't know it. • July 28, 2019 • Pastor Joe Coudriet

This shouldn't come as a surprise, but ask any married person. Men and Women are different. And, if that isn't obvious enough, then why are men and women trying to treat each other as if they are the same? The differences are not only obvious but they serve a great purpose. With over 50% of marriages ending in divorce, including Christian marriages, isn't it time we learned how to appreciate the differences?