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Pursuing Vultures

May 19, 2019 • Pastor Colby Sutter

Have you asked yourself the question; "What am I doing with my life?" "Why am I here?" In this message we will address that question by looking at how Jesus often crossed over through chaos in order to get to the other side during His ministry. What does the other side, that Jesus wants you to cross over to, look like for your life?

No Wonder We Love Him!

May 12, 2019 • Gina Lynnes

We were never meant to live our Christian life out of duty or obligation but out of a passionate love for Jesus. So maintain your first love. Start every day looking into the face of your Redeemer and remembering what He's done for you.

Fresh Bread

Are you getting your daily bread? • April 28, 2019 • Pastor Joe Coudriet

On Easter Sunday we talked about how Jesus came, 'not to give bread, but to be bread.' This morning we are going to look at what receiving our 'daily bread' is all about and how, when making bread, the recipe never changes.

Easter 2019-That We Might Have Life

April 21, 2019 • Pastor Joe Coudriet

Today we celebrate Easter; the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave. He came that we 'might have life.' But, what kind of life did He die for? Was it one in which He dies and we receive? Or, was it a death that yielded something greater? Something that accomplished a purpose bigger than ourselves. Jesus didn't come to give bread, but to be bread.

Good Friday- Not My Will

What is your prayer? • April 19, 2019 • Pastor Joe Coudriet

In the Gospels, as He was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus cried out for the Father to relieve Him of His assignment. BUT, in the end, His desire was not to do what felt best for Him but what had to be done to please the Father. We can all learn a lesson from; "Not my Will."

Palm Sunday- The throng, the Messiah, and the city

April 14, 2019 • Pastor Joe Coudriet

It was, as we know it, Palm Sunday. There was a throng there to witness the arrival of their Messiah, their King as He entered the City of Jerusalem. They were cheering wildly and excited as they shouted Hosanna. Just five days later, their cheering had turned to jeering and they watched as He was crucified before their eyes. But just 57 days later the tables were turned as the throngs who so easily were swayed from their praise of the King to His condemnation became passionate about Him again.

Giving God Some Attitude

It's the heart, not the amount. • April 7, 2019 • Pastor Joe Coudriet

You've heard the old expression; "Don't give me lip service?" We hear it when someone says the right words but you know that their heart just isn't in to it. Well, when it comes to developing a life of generous living, God isn't looking for a nod of the head, but a bowing of the heart. He's looking for the right attitude. This message is all about "Giving God Some Attitude."

Money Laundering

Removing the spirit of mammon and unleashing the Spirit of God • March 31, 2019 • Pastor Joe Coudriet

In a prior message we learned that all money has a spirit upon it; the spirit of mammon or the Spirit of God. God's plan is for us to acknowledge His Lordship in our lives through the tithe which not only signifies that our heart is His but that our treasure is too. When we tithe the resources that He has provided to us become 'clean' with His spirit upon it so that it may be used to bring Him glory.

Generous Love

True love is to be a blessing and not a burden • March 24, 2019 • Pastor Colby Sutter

In this message, Pastor Colby Sutter reveals from God's Word that true love is to be a blessing and not a burden. Are you doing what you do in life out of burden or out of love. When you serve God and when you serve others, is it out of burden or out of love. When you do it out of a burden, it robs you of your joy and value and can create selfishness.

Dirty Money

What spirit is on your dough? • March 17, 2019 • Pastor Joe Coudriet

What spirit resides on your money? The spirit of mammon or the Spirit of God? The difference can make all the difference in the world and for the world. In this message we'll learn that when we are faithful with God's resources we'll be in position to be used by Him even greater.

Heart Surgery

He set the example. By His grace we can be like Him. • March 10, 2019 • Pastor Joe Coudriet

For God so loved the world that HE GAVE! The example is clear. To be Christlike means that we also should be generous in the way that we live. God's not looking for your money, but He is looking for your heart. When He has your money, He has your heart for 'where your treasure is, your heart is also.' A generous heart is God's heart. It was Jesus' mission. It's our example.

Fear, Comfort, Multiplication

Walking in the Spirit brings exponential growth to the believer. • March 3, 2019 • Pastor Joe Coudriet

God wants to increase you and yours and He does that when we walk in the 'fear' of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit. The result of a life of seeking God and leading of His Spirit is increase!

Desiring the Holy Spirit

The key to unlocking the power of God. • February 24, 2019 • Pastor Joe Coudriet

When Jesus ascended He sent the Comforter, the Holy Spirit to be with us always. The Holy Spirit desires to be involved in every area of our lives but He will not enter where He is unwanted or unwelcome. The question is, are you desiring the Holy Spirit and His operation in your life? If you are, then He will fill you to overflowing.

Beware of Lions

There's growth and security in Christian community. • February 17, 2019 • Pastor Colby Sutter

The enemy walks around like a lion looking to separate and destroy us because he knows the power of Godly community. This message will teach us how to have Godly community so we can grow in our faith, family and church. We'll also learn about the difference between community and Godly community.

Release Your Praise

February 10, 2019 • Michael Williams

The Word of God commands everything that has breath to praise the Lord. In this sermon Pastor Mike Williams exhorts us in releasing the sound of praise that gets the attention of our King, and changes us in His presence.

The Baptism in the Holy Spirit

It's where the power comes from. • February 3, 2019 • Pastor Joe Coudriet

Born again? That's great. We were created in Christ not simply for getting to heaven but for bringing heaven to earth. We are to lead lives that glorify God and to do that we need POWER! The Baptism in the Holy Spirit is the enablement of God's power that He desires for the life of every believer.

Let Go Already.

You've received the Spirit of adoption! • January 27, 2019 • Pastor Joe Coudriet

Romans Chapter 8, verses 15-16 say that in Christ "we did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, "Abba Father." When Jesus left the cross He destroyed every bondage we've ever faced. He set us free! It's time for believer's to Let Go Already, and run in the freedom our sonship provided.

Stay by the flame, surrounded by His cloud.

January 20, 2019 • Pastor Joe Coudriet

When you are a born again believer, you do not get anything less than Israel got. You don’t get anything less than the first century church got. If you'll stay by the flame, surrounded by His Cloud, the Spirit of God will guide you to victory!

Drenched or Quenched

Who's "axe' is it? • January 13, 2019 • Pastor Joe Coudriet

Ephesians 4:30 says that we are "not to grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption." There are things that we can do to keep the active ministry of the Holy Spirit in our lives 'away' when we live in an atmosphere that is contrary to His Word. But, if we live with our hearts geared towards Him, we can be drenched with His presence.

The Lord's Supper

Are you doing it in remembrance of HIM? • January 6, 2019 • Pastor Joe Coudriet

We receive Communion in remembrance of Him. What if we lived in remembrance of Him? In this message Pastor Joe considers the historical, physical, mental, spiritual and sacred seriousness of believer's receiving from the Lord's Supper in a worthy manner.

Dial In to Hear His Voice

You were created to hear the Holy Spirit • December 30, 2018 • Pastor Joe Coudriet

If you have been born again then you have been empowered by God to hear the voice of His Spirit. 1 Corinthians 2:9 says, quoting from Isaiah 64:4, 'that eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.'