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Is your family feeling a little disconnected? Are you craving conversation with your kids or spouse? Q & U makes reconnecting simple with questions that start conversations. Q & U is designed for people on-the-go. Everyone has a phone but no one is talking. Q & U will change that! Driving the kids to school? Turn off the car screens and have the kids choose a Q & U question for the entire family to answer. Tucking the kids in bed? Pull up a question to ask. Bed time is the best time to get answers from your kids because they don't really want to go to sleep. Struggling for deeper conversation on a date night with your spouse? Explore dreams, goals, and interests with questions from Q & U. What's in Q & U? *100's of questions for kids *100's of questions for teens *100's of questions for couples *Questions by topics like dreams, fears, siblings, back to school, and money. *Life conversations that you are missing!